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3Com Bluetooth USBDFU Driver

The 3COM 3CREB96B Wireless Bluetooth USB driver is listed below and works on Windows 98SE, ME, , and XP If you have Windows 98  Missing: USBDFU. dfu-util, Host side implementation of the USB DFU protocol. dl-ezkit, Coff file PHS handset. libhidapi, Library for comunicating with bluetooth and usb hid devices pilotmgr, Synchronize databases on any 3Com Palm device. plp, Tools to. Dell Wireless Bluetooth Module Added Bluetooth USB Controller from TOSHIBA Added 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU.


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3Com Bluetooth USBDFU Driver

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The gaming software modules and firmware may be approved for use on the gaming machine by one or more of a gaming jurisdiction, a gaming machine manufacturer, a third-party vendor and a standards association. In other embodiments, each USB gaming peripheral may comprise: In addition, the USB peripheral controller may include a non-volatile memory arranged to store at least one of a configuration parameters specific to the individual 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU gaming peripheral and b state history information of the USB game peripheral.

Further, each USB gaming peripherals may include one or more peripheral devices that are selected from a group 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU of lights, printers, coin hoppers, coin dispensers, bill validators, ticket readers, card readers, key-pads, button panels, display 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU, speakers, information panels, motors, mass storage devices, reels, wheels, bonus devices, wireless communication devices, bar-code readers, microphones, biometric input devices, touch screens, arcade stick, thumbsticks, trackballs, touchpads and solenoids.

The game of chance generated on the gaming machine may be selected from the group consisting of traditional slot games, video slot games, 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU games, pachinko games, multiple hand poker games, pai-gow poker games, black-jack games, keno games, bingo games, roulette games, craps games, checkers, board games and card games.

Another aspect of the invention pertains to computer program products including a machine-readable medium on which program instructions are stored for implementing any of 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU methods described above or within the specification. These and other features of the present invention will be presented in more detail in the following detailed description of the 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU and the associated figures.

US7704147B2 - Download procedures for peripheral devices - Google Patents

This objective is met through 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU introduction of a robust software architecture that is USB-compatible and meets the requirements of a gaming environment in which gaming machines operate. A few of these requirements are high security, ease of maintenance, expandability, configurability, and compliance with 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU regulations. To satisfy these requirements, the host software may be designed to apply restrictions on USB drivers and USB gaming peripherals in regards to both their development and implementation.

In, the USB communications software architecture of the present invention is described. In particular, in FIG. In FIG. In FIGS.

CSR Bluetooth

Machine 2 includes a main cabinet 4, which generally surrounds the machine interior not shown and is viewable by users. The main cabinet includes a main door 8 on the front of the machine, which opens to provide access to the interior of the machine. Attached to the main door are player-input switches or buttons 32, a coin acceptor 28, and a bill validator 30, a coin tray 38, and a belly glass 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU A coin dispenser, not shown, may 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU coins into the coin tray.


Viewable through the main door is a video display monitor 34 and an information panel The display monitor 34 will typically be a cathode ray tube, high resolution flat-panel LCD, 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU other conventional electronically controlled video monitor. The information panel 36 may be a back-lit, silk-screened glass 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU with lettering to indicate general game information including, for example, the number of coins played.

Many possible games of chance, including traditional slot games, video slot games, poker games, pachinko games, multiple hand poker games, pai-gow poker games, 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU games, keno games, bingo games, roulette games, craps games, checkers, board games and card games may be provided with gaming machines of this invention.

The bill validator 30, coin acceptor 28, player-input switches 32, video display monitor 34, and information panel are devices used to play a game of chance on the game machine 2. The devices are controlled by circuitry See FIG. In the operation of these devices, critical information may be generated that is stored within a non-volatile memory storage device See FIG.

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For instance, when cash or credit of indicia is deposited into the gaming machine using the bill validator 30 or the coin acceptor 28, an amount of cash or credit deposited into the gaming machine 2 may be stored within the non-volatile memory storage device As another example, 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU important game information, such as 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU final position of the slot reels in a video 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU game, is displayed on the video display monitor 34, game history information needed to recreate the visual display of the slot reels may be stored in the non-volatile memory storage device.

The type of information stored in the non-volatile memory may be dictated by the requirements of operators of the gaming machine and regulations dictating operational requirements for gaming machines in different gaming jurisdictions.

Epan/dissectors/packet-s7comm.h - wireshark (33f) - Code Repositories

The gaming machine 2 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU a top box 6, which sits on top of the main cabinet 4. The top box 6 houses a number of devices, which may be used to add features to a game being played on the gaming 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU 2, including speakers 10, 12, 14, a ticket printer 18 which prints bar-coded tickets 20, a key-pad 22 for entering player-tracking information, a florescent display 16 3Com Bluetooth USBDFU displaying player-tracking information and a card reader 24 for entering a magnetic striped card containing player-tracking information.

Further, the top box 6 may house different or additional devices than shown in the FIG. For example, the top box may contain a bonus wheel or a back-lit silk-screened panel, which may be used to add bonus features to the game being played on the gaming machine. Many of the gaming devices on the gaming machine 2 may be directly connected to and in communication with the master gaming controller see FIG.

During a game of chance, the master gaming controller housed within the main cabinet 4 of the machine 2 may control these devices.

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