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3D Labs 3Dlabs Graphics Processor Driver

3Dlabs is now a vanishing brand of professional 3d graphics, but once was a leading company since famous SX chip, a low cost texture mapper which. The only graphics card produced using this chip was Creative Labs' 3D The 3D Blaster VLB can be used as a standalone 2D/3D graphics  ‎Cards · ‎Game GLINT · ‎Permedia 2 · ‎Permedia 3 and GLINT R3. Interface Type. AGP 8x. Graphics Processor Manufacturer. 3Dlabs. Graphics Processor. 3Dlabs Wildcat4. Max Monitors Supported. 2. Max External Resolution.


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3D Labs 3Dlabs Graphics Processor Driver

It is a unique card in that it is the only existing consumer-level 3D accelerator and texture mapper for the VLB bus, and it was designed for VLB users who wanted Pentium-level gaming performance. Games that do take advantage of the 3D Blaster VLB usually run in higher resolution x 3D Labs 3Dlabs Graphics Processor x and with additional graphics detail. However, with these additional rendering features enabled, performance in supported games is less than desirable unless one has a VLB Pentium system and reviewers knocked the card.

Most gamers at the time opted to upgrade to a PCI Pentium system instead.

3dlabs Permedia 3D review

The 3D Blaster VLB nowadays is a very rare card and usually if it shows up on auction websites, the price will be very high. However, the memory upgrade module is more difficult to find than the 3D Blaster VLB itself, and would also be very steeply-priced.


Beyond the Frontier test and Whipeout completely freezes the PC. Sin would also, but Chromatic's wrapper is an alternative, even if badly looking.

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The Sky texture of Lands of Lore 2 suffers from blinking. To enjoy 32 bit textures on top of that one really has to go for a card with more memory.

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Resident Evil often suffers from large horizontal bars covering the actual scenes. Then there are all the issues caused by missing multiplicative blending operation. 3D Labs 3Dlabs Graphics Processor won't get to see any textures in Thief, Shogo and Warbirds. Many projectiles in shooting games depend on texture multiplication to make their edges transparent, Permedia has to render the transparent pixels black. There are also situations when transparent textures are rendered correctly only up front ignoring z-buffered hidden pixel removal.

Turok is pretty much unplayable because of all the solid skies and other errors. No smoke was rendered in Ultimate Race Pro.

Environmental mapping is out of the question. OpenGL driver can accelerate Su, but smoke is not blended.

And I probably forgot about many smaller issues. Major image quality degradation is caused by the lame bilinear filter. Well, such was the impression from driver the 3dlabs support page still suggest to use. But then I tried driverdespite it offering only Permedia 2 strings and what do you know, it works.

3Dlabs - Graphics Card Support and Driver Downloads

With its own quirks, it seems old Permedia was no longer paid attention to since second one came out. In fact version 1.

What improvements came with the new driver? Lands of Lore 2 looks correct as well, but performance dived below 2 fps. Other than that there are plenty performance improvements for newer games.


Textures are finally seen in Unreal, though lightmaps cannot be blended with it. In Shogo lighting does not work at all, so things are fine as such. GLINT 3D Labs 3Dlabs Graphics Processor 3Dlabs is now a vanishing brand of professional 3d graphics, but once was a leading company since famous SX chip, a low cost texture mapper which defined standards of 3d acceleration. But first it should be told the Glint SX was designed in Pixel division of Du Pont, which 3D Labs 3Dlabs Graphics Processor working with graphics for 10 years and became well known name in 3d world, especially on Sun systems.

With advanced hardware and mainly software Du Pont Pixel was quite a competitor for solutions of Silicon Graphics.

3Dlabs Wildcat VP - graphics card - Wildcat VP - 64 MB Specs - CNET

Just after announcing development of relatively cheap and feature packed SX chip, Du Pont agreed to sell the Pixel division to fresh start up 3Dlabs and most of the important people transferred as well. Which makes me wonder if they regretted it later.


Or is it necessary to have a specialized graphics company to be successful in 3d technologies? This site is all about gaming cards, but I found it impossible to write about 3dlabs without mentioning influential chip like the Glint.

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