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Acer Hitachi AMS2300 Driver

Acer Acer Hitachi Ams Servers Driver for Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 10, 8, XP. Uploaded on 4/26/, downloaded times. Acer has introduced the Hitachi-built storage products it will offer in the The AMS family includes the AMS and AMS systems. Acer has shown off its SMB and HPC entry tickets at a Milan show today. AMS, and AMS, branded as Gateway Hitachi Data Systems storage. It launched its Acer Hitachi Storage AMS as a mid-range SMB.


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Acer Hitachi AMS2300 Driver

Each system has a completely redundant set of components, most of which are hot swappable should a failure occur.

Additional capabilities like online microcode updates allow the minimization of planned downtime. Should a disaster strike, the AMS has Acer Hitachi AMS2300 options for local and long distance data replication which can ensure that your business continues with minimal disruptions to your IT operations.

Built-in Intelligence The highly intelligent controllers are not only easy to operate but also eliminate many manual tasks such as load balancing between the controllers.

This not only reduces the chances for performance bottlenecks but also allows administrators more time to spend on Acer Hitachi AMS2300 value tasks. All of this complexity is eliminated. Highly reliable Every system has complete redundancy and most of the components are hot swappable.

Acer and Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) 2100 & 2300

Even the batteries that back up the cache are redundant. Selected drives that are used infrequently, such as during backup windows, can be spun Acer Hitachi AMS2300 and down as required.

This provides significant savings in energy usage and costs. If the workload becomes imbalanced between the two controllers, the system will automatically move workload around to fix the imbalance without any user intervention.

As a result, as long as native path management software, such as MPIO for Windows servers, installed, then additional path management software is not required. Improve Storage Utilization Rates Storage resources can be adjusted Acer Hitachi AMS2300 the fly to maximize storage utilization rates.


No longer will users need to over provision storage based on anticipated future needs. However, if over provisioning has occurred, then the LUN size can be Acer Hitachi AMS2300 and the excess storage can be returned for other LUNs to use. With this extremely robust design and capabilities such as online microcode upgrades, Acer Hitachi continues to deliver highly reliable storage products.


Highly reliableEvery system has complete redundancy and most of the components are hot swappable. Actual application storage capacity is assigned and added when host writes data to Acer Hitachi AMS2300 area of LUN The Business Value Storage and operational expense is reduced by provisioning only what is used, and physical disk utilization and application performance increases 12 12 13 Innovative Features for Powerful Results: Many customers are deploying server virtualization technology to save money through better utilization of their server resources.

This makes is Acer Hitachi AMS2300 quicker and easier to set-up and configure storage for an application.


It also makes it fail-safe to use Vmotion to transfer virtual machines between physical servers. Without a dynamic load balancing controller, a performance bottleneck can arise at the controller which would require manual intervention to fix.

VMware VAAI Storage Array Support in Plain English

The AMS manually corrects these problems. The AMS is designed to ensure that these savings can be realized and the costs are not simply pushed from the servers to the storage. To cope Acer Hitachi AMS2300 this, they sometimes need to move mailboxes Acer Hitachi AMS2300 different drives to add mailbox capacity or improve performance. Performance can be optimized since the data is spread across the entire storage pool rather than across a few drives.

VMware VAAI Storage Array Support in Plain English - Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

The AS storage arrays support up to terabytes TB of data using multiple Acer Hitachi AMS2300 levels and offers data security capabilities through a symmetric active-active architecture. The SAS backend Acer Hitachi AMS2300 provides switch point-to-point connectivity to disk drives, and support for more than 2, logical volumes. Data availability is further enhanced through on-line microcode updates and redundant, hot-swappable spares.

The AMS system supports up to virtual server ports and scalable capacity up to terabytes, while the AMS supports up to virtual server ports and terabytes of capacity.

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