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Acer M5-481TG Driver

This page provides reviews and other infos about the Acer Aspire MTG of the series Aspire TimelineUltra M5 laptop. View full Acer Timeline U MTG specs on CNET. BuyAcer Aspire TimelineU MTG 14" Ultrabookwith fast shipping and top-rated customer you know, you Newegg!


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Acer M5-481TG Driver

Acer Aspire TimelineU MTG 14" Ultrabook -

Minor and known because Acer M5-481TG metal, but just be careful when taking it apart. All in all, this was the first product I've purchased from Acer and it's probably the last.


Other Thoughts: I won't order from this company again. As a garden-variety TN display, you'll find it washes out pretty easily if you dip the lid forward, but we don't think you and your friends will have a problem crowding around to watch a Acer M5-481TG -- even the people sitting off to the Acer M5-481TG should have a decent seat.

And, of course, that Shuriken display is nice to have, Acer M5-481TG on a machine as relatively inexpensive as this. The best thing about the M5's Dolby-enhanced speakers is that they get loud -- loud enough for a small, impromptu dance party, say.


But, as is Acer M5-481TG case with so many notebook speakers, the audio quality here is tinny, and it only gets more metallic-sounding as you crank the volume. There's also a GB hard drive on board, paired with a 20GB solid-state drive for faster boot-ups. And man, does it boot quickly: Obviously, having a hybrid hard drive is no substitute for an SSD as far as disk speeds Acer M5-481TG, but it at least fares well in its class.

Still, in synthetic benchmarks it trails the T13, as well as the Lenovo IdeaPad U, both of which fall in the same price Acer M5-481TG and offer similar specs. Actually, both of these machines lack the advantage of discrete graphics, which the M5 has.

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In real-world Acer M5-481TG, that naturally means much higher frame rates. In Call of Duty 4, for example, we enjoyed smooth gameplay at about 80 fps, and that was at the max resolution, mind you.

Even when you crank the Acer M5-481TG, there's really no overlap with the best-case frame rates on a lesser-specced Ultrabook in past tests, these machines have hovered around 30 fps, even at default settings. The front side.

It supports the standards A Bluetooth 4. Fans of video telephony and video chats will enjoy the integrated Webcam 1.


The software for video telephony "Skype" is also pre-installed. Accessories Next to Acer M5-481TG ultrabook in the box are the power supply and a pamphlet, explaining the first steps in using the device.

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A Windows 7 DVD is not supplied. Also there is no recovery partition. Acer has pre-installed a tool, which allows the creation of an image of the system partition. Just Acer M5-481TG case, this image allows for Acer M5-481TG recovery of Windows 7.

Moreover the "Cyberlink Mediaespresso" can be found on the device. Maintenance The maintenance possibilities of the notebook are quickly exhausted, for there are none. The device Acer M5-481TG not feature a maintenance cover or any such service panel. Those who want to upgrade the notebook must first disassemble it.

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