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Adaptec AHA-153X Driver

ADP Adaptec AHAX VESA SCSI Host Adapter ADP Adaptec AHAX/AIC Plug and Play SCSI Host Adapter ADP Plug and Play SCSI Host Adapter ADP Adaptec AHAX VESA SCSI Host Adapter ADP Adaptec AHAX/AIC Adaptec AHAX Plug and Play SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AHAX/AHA SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AHAX/AIC Plug and Play SCSI Host.


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Adaptec AHA-153X Driver

Leave this option set to default unless the computer documentation clearly states that it supports higher Adaptec AHA-153X transfer rates. Running the host adapter faster than the computer can cause intermittent errors. Always backup your Adaptec AHA-153X before increasing the transfer rate. The default, on most host adapters is Automatic.

Other possibilities for Automatic settings: Enabled - Internal devices only. Enabled - External devices only.

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Disabled - Internal and external devices. Boot target ID: Boot LUN Number: The default is 0.


Settings changes of one device will not effect the operational characteristics of Adaptec AHA-153X device. Initiate Sync Negotiation Adaptec AHA-153X option determines whether synchronous data transfer negotiation Sync Negotiation between the device and host adapter is initiated by the host adapter. The default is Yes.


Synchronous negotiation is a SCSI feature that allows the host adapter and its attached devices to transer data in synchronous mode. Synchronous data transfer is faster than asynchronous data transfer. This may cause your computer to operate erratically Adaptec AHA-153X hang if Initiate Sync Negotiation is Adaptec AHA-153X to yes.

Set Initiate Sync Negotiation to No for these devices. Some 8-bit SCSI devices may have trouble handling Wide Negotiation, which may result in Adaptec AHA-153X behavior or a hang condition.

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For these devices, set Initiate Wide Negotiation to No. Maximum Sync Transfer Rate Adaptec AHA-153X option sets the maximum data transfer rate that the host adapter supports. If Adaptec AHA-153X host adapter is set not to negotiate for synchronous data Adaptec AHA-153X that is, Initiate Sync Negotiation is set to nothen the maximum synchronous transfer rate is the maximum rate that the host adapter accepts from the device during negotiation. This is standard SCSI protocol.

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This optimizes SCSI bus performance. The default setting is No.

Setting this option to yes reduces the load on the Adaptec AHA-153X computer power supply by allowing the host adapter to start SCSI devices one at a time when you boot your computer. If the Send Start Unit Command is set to yews for many devices, the boot Adaptec AHA-153X will vary depending how long it takes each device to start.


The Default is Yes. Advanced Configuration Settings This area defines global configuration settings that effect the entire Adaptec AHA-153X adapter and the SCSI devices connected to them.

Accessing your SCSI CDROM under

The default is Disabled. The default setting is Enabled.


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