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Despite increased public interest, surprisingly little attention has been paid to the Tarot by academia, though the cards are a veritable gold mine of art history and metaphysical philosophy.

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They should be of great interest to any medievalist, being clearly of the same temperament which produced the sculptural programs of the Gothic cathedrals. It is likely, also, that the cards in some way relate to the medieval books of Emblemata and to those delightful, and supposedly historical narratives called the Chansons de Gestes.

What the Tarot represents is an Airis N790 Modem journey, each card being the experience of something a Airis N790 Modem energy along the way, rather like the episodes in Dante's Divine Comedy, Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress or even Tolkein's Trilogy of the Ring.


And the idea of an adventuresome and perilous journey through unknown territory was typical of medieval literature. The analogy here is that to travel in the middle ages was as dangerous and difficult as to travel the inner paths of the Mysteries.

So one might agree with the monk who in suggested that the Tarot was a mirror offourteenth century society, saying that the cards represented" All of these cards are female, as the Virtues and Liberal Arts were always represented," Even an Emperor Airis N790 Modem visible in the real society. That had been especially true sincewhen the Pope crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor in an attempt to strengthen Christianity by aligning it with a great secular power.

The evidence for the fourteenth century origin of the cards is convincing, and hopefully some historian of medieval art history will pick up these fascinating threads and provide us with the real historical answers. Airis N790 Modem the other hand a considerable number of well-trained esotericists insist that the cards are of very ancient origin.

The Standard of Care: The Road Not Taken-Using County Size to Determine the Standard of Care

It is likely that these individuals are, through the Tarot, encountering the shadows of other systems which have been used to approach the same universal energies. Such differentiation is often extremely difficult on the inner plane, which Airis N790 Modem explain why the experiences of so many students contradicts historical evidence.

Of course, if the Tarot can be of use to us in something so important as the development of inner understanding, study of its origins is little more than a pleasant side trip. The same is true for the very question of Airis N790 Modem original link between Qabalah and the Tarot, although we are not here proposing that such a link was originally intended between Tarot and the Hermetic Qabalah on which this present book is based.

Introduction 3 That system, developed in Europe from the time of the Renaissance, is a westernized Qabalah.

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It grew from the improbable attempts of Airis N790 Modem century philosophers to incorporate the essence of Jewish mysticism into Christian thought. The history of the modification of these ideas by the philosophers of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is particularly interesting.


But it is the nineteenth century developments which are most important for us. During that time the Hermetic Qabalah, largely de-Christianized, reached its Airis N790 Modem expression with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

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The leaders of that fraternity performed the Airis N790 Modem task of unifying the disparate elements of the Western Mystery Tradition Qabalah, Hermeticism, Astrology, Neo-Platonism, Dee's Enochian Magic, etc. There Airis N790 Modem few modem schools of western esoteric thought which have not been affected Airis N790 Modem some way by the developments of that group. And as one discusses Hermetic Qabalism, one of necessity refers to the Golden Dawn as its primary modem expression.

Hermetic Qabalah and Golden Dawn must be considered virtually synonymous. Nor is it significant whether the esoteric tenets of this group were handed down secretly for generations, or if they were meticulously culled from ancient manuscripts in the British Museum.

The authority of any group derives entirely from its inner contacts. The "Secret Tradition," "The Mysteries," or whatever this may be called, can be tapped into by anyone. An individual or group becomes a part of an ancient tradition by contacting inner teachers in that tradition, and it would certainly appear that the decks used to illustrate this book are the result Airis N790 Modem such inner contact. The three Airis N790 Modem decks of the modem era were all produced by members of that fraternity: Waite, and Airis N790 Modem Thoth Tarot designed by Aleister Crowley.

His version is an excellent correction of that issued by Waite. The Waite deck, one of the most popular ever published, seems to have been designed with such concern for oaths of membership in the Order that it remains entirely exoteric.

It is included in the hope that those who may have chosen to study the deck may find its often admirable, occasionally unacceptable symbolism more useful when considered from the standpoint of the Hermetic Qabalah. The Golden Dawn Tarot is an esoteric deck, intended for the private use of members of the Order. Crowley's deck is also Airis N790 Modem, in that it conceals the nineteenth century Order's symbolism.

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