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AirLive WL-5400AP Driver

WLPCI/PCM; WLUSB; WLAAP V2; WLAP. Download AirLive WLUSB Driver vb1 for Windows. Download is. AirLive WLAR L2TP firmware (for L2TP ISP login only, please read the "" file first), /1/28 . AirLive WLAP Firmware. B(fix IP. AirLive Wireless drivers. 85 ( MB) free drivers for 43 AirLive Wireless. Please select your device to download drivers.


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AirLive WL-5400AP Driver


Then do a search on your AirLive WL-5400AP for same file name, then you can remove the driver safely but please keep backup before removal. The recommendation is to use 2 AP. Then connect the 2 APs together using an AirLive WL-5400AP cable. Please adjust the antenna or rotate the angle of the PC to get better reception.

If your computer's IP address is configure automatically, the router will automatically assign itself as the gateway so it is no problem. Under the product CD's "Utility" directory, there are AirLive WL-5400AP different firmware: This AirLive WL-5400AP the firmware for the AP mode.

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Your machine comes with this firmware as the factory default. This is the firmware for bridge mode.

Please use the web browser to upgrade the firmware. After upgrade, the AP's IP address is now changed to We recommend doing a factory reset from the web's configuration after the firmware AirLive WL-5400AP.


See diagram above: For Client mode: See diagram below: Why can't I receive any signal from the GP antenna in close distance? However, its vertical coverage AirLive WL-5400AP only about 10 to 15 degree from the metal tip of the antenna. Therefore, when you install the antenna, make sure it is AirLive WL-5400AP at a similar height as the antenna itself.

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If you require greater vertical coverage, please use the patch antenna. However, the patch antenna's horizontal coverage is between AirLive WL-5400AP to degree please see the spec of individual antennas for details.


If you need greater angle coverage, AirLive WL-5400AP can install 2 patch antennas to 1 AP using AirLive WL-5400AP WSP signal splitter Uplink multiple AP together and connect each to a path antenna. This is because the 11g mode has auto-fall back capability and the indicator might mislead users about the connection speed.

In general, you can tell the connection speed by looking at the speed indicated by wireless LAN card's utility. The default IP address is The default AirLive WL-5400AP is: From the Alternative AirLive WL-5400AP, select Inter-building mode for your Access Point.

How can I create a wireless repeater WDS? If your AP does not support WDS function or you are trying to extend the distance of a wireless router.


Please follow the instruction below to extend. In the diagram above, Computer B's distance is too far away from "AP1" to make a wireless connection.

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