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Aopen AX4PE Tube-G Driver

The endoscope pulls the wire through the stomach, up the esophagus, and out through the mouth.

This wire will be used as a guide to bring the G-tube into its proper position. Next, a G-tube is attached to the wire where it exits the mouth.


A tiny plastic device, called a "bumper," holds the G-tube in place inside the stomach. Laparascopic Technique The laparascopic technique is done by making Aopen AX4PE Tube-G small incisions in the abdomen and inserting a tiny telescope that helps surgeons see the stomach and surrounding organs. Aopen AX4PE Tube-G same precautions described above — the nasogastric tube and endotracheal tube — are used. In the laparascopic technique, an incision is made in the umbilicus, or belly button, and a blunt-tipped needle is passed into the abdominal cavity.

Then carbon dioxide gas is used to expand the abdominal area during the procedure so the surgeon can have a clear view of the organs. Next, a wire is threaded through the needle and the G-tube is guided along the wire into the stomach with the help of small instruments inserted through other small incisions.

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Stitches and pressure from a tiny balloon are used to keep the stomach in place against the abdominal wall. Open Surgery Open surgery is an excellent approach for placing a gastrostomy tube, but is usually reserved for cases where the child's anatomy won't allow for a PEG; if there is scar tissue from a previous surgery, procedure, or illness; or if the child requires another surgical procedure at Aopen AX4PE Tube-G same Aopen AX4PE Tube-G.


If your child's Aopen AX4PE Tube-G is being placed during surgery, the nasogastric tube and the endotracheal tube will be used to prevent complications, just as they are in the other two gastrostomy techniques. In the open surgical technique, incisions are made in the middle or on the left side Aopen AX4PE Tube-G the abdomen and through the stomach. A small, hollow tube is inserted into the stomach and the stomach is stitched like a cuff around the tube.

The stomach is then attached to the abdominal wall with stitches to keep it secure. A tiny balloon holds it in place within the stomach.

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After the Procedure Your child will be taken to Aopen AX4PE Tube-G recovery room, sometimes called the "post-op" post-operative room or PACU post-anesthesia care unit. Here, your child will continue to be closely monitored by the medical team. The doctor will come out to talk to you and let you know how the procedure went and how your child is doing. In most cases, parents can visit their child in the recovery room — usually within 20 minutes after the procedure is completed.

It usually takes about an hour for a child to completely wake up from the Aopen AX4PE Tube-G. Your child might feel groggy, confused, chilly, nauseated, scared, or even sad when waking up. That is very common and usually improves within 30 to 45 minutes.

Also, your child might feel a little bit of pain near the incision site. If so, be sure to tell the doctor because medications can be given to lessen discomfort. Antibiotics Aopen AX4PE Tube-G continue for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure to prevent infection.

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Your child probably will remain in the hospital for 1 to 2 days following the gastrostomy. Many hospitals allow at least one parent to stay with Aopen AX4PE Tube-G child throughout the day and overnight.

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Much of that time will be spent learning about your Aopen AX4PE Tube-G new G-tube. The nurses will show you exactly how to care for your child's tube and the skin around it, keeping it clean and infection free.

You'll also learn how to handle any potential problems, such as the tube accidentally falling out. This is Aopen AX4PE Tube-G because if the tube falls out of place, the hole can begin to close. You'll also be taught how to give a feeding through the tube as well as what to feed. You may hear your child's feedings referred to as "bolus" or "continuous.

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Continuous feedings, which often take place overnight, are delivered by a pump to children who require smaller, slower feedings. A nutritionist will Aopen AX4PE Tube-G plan a specific diet and schedule based on your child's needs.

Some children, especially those that have had other stomach operations at the same time, may have difficulty burping or vomiting after surgery. You will also be taught to use the tube to empty the stomach of air, and occasionally liquids, as would happen when a child burps Aopen AX4PE Tube-G vomits.

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