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Aopen PA256 Deluxe Driver

Overclocking Each overclocker seeks for a thin verge dividing a dangerous overclocking and its own desire to get everything of the device's potential.

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And many are in luck thanks to the well thought out cooling approach. Note that overclocking is connected with a possibility of installation of an additional cooling device.


As I have already mentioned, the boards of the GeForce2 Ultra class are equipped with a very fast 4 ns memory which is capable of operating at the rated MHz, but due to some technical reasons many types of such memory can not run flawlessly Aopen PA256 Deluxe the rated clock speed. Nevertheless, overclocking is possible.

The results are rather modest comparing to the previously considered analogs, but even such Aopen PA256 Deluxe, first of all in terms of memory, must lead to a significant performance gain. Note that we used an additional fan installed in the case of the test machine. The card ships together with the drivers of 6.

The tests, however, were carried out with 6. Test results First up is 2D-graphics. First of all I should Aopen PA256 Deluxe you know that with a good monitor which works not at the maximum frequency and resolution, you must not have problems in 2D with the vast majority of the GeForce2 based video cards.

Driver for t60m283.00 download, free driver for t60m283.00 download.

Moreover, this card Aopen PA256 Deluxe not any artifacts in the form of horizontal ripples appearing at the definite frequencies of such cards. The same concerns many other GeForce2 based video cards.

That's why if the image is not so good as you expected, then first of all check whether your monitor corresponds to the claims you set for the graphics accelerator. Besides, there are some monitors which react Aopen PA256 Deluxe on the different video cards.

Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

For example, many monitors from Samsung can be found guilty. I witnessed several cases when a video card provided a blurred image on one monitor and gave Aopen PA256 Deluxe a perfect image when connected to a display of another series of the manufacturer. Now comes an estimation of the card's performance in 3D.

The following programs were used: Quake3 Arena The test on the standard demo was carried out in two modes: Fast shows card's work in bit color Aopen PA256 Deluxe High Quality shows card's work in bit color. Expendable We will use this game to show the card's speed in Direct3D.


Overclocking yields a significant performance increase. Conclusion Well, Innovision Multimedia company has introduced a high quality product which not only features parameters not worse than that of the competitors. Whether Aopen PA256 Deluxe is Hercules or Guillemot, this graphics card only has one name. The confusion is actually caused by the Guillemot Corporation, since it sells the Hercules brand.

We have observed similar inconsistencies with 3dfx as Aopen PA256 Deluxe. Their Voodoo graphics cards also surface under the brand STB at individual retailers - mainly because in each case the manufacturer failed to explain the details of the acquisition to the distributors.


So what actually is the deal with Hercules graphics cards from Guillemot? Aopen PA256 Deluxe used to be an independent company with financial problems, that filed for bankruptcy in August Guillemot decided to continue the Hercules brand in November They probably wanted to acknowledge Hercules' achievements as a pioneer in the graphics industry.

The relatively old company, founded in the small town Hercules near San Francisco inhad established a standard for monochrome monitors in the 80's, that consequently was named after the company.

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