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Multiple accounts, one calendar. Manage all your events in Calendar, even if they're in different accounts like iCloud or Google. How to add calendar accounts.‎Calendar on Mac - Apple · ‎Add or delete calendar · ‎Add or delete calendars on Mac. Today we're going to teach you everything there is to know about Apple Calendar, formerly iCal. We'll dive deep into how to use your Apple Calendar daily. In Calendar on your Mac, subscribe to calendars published or shared by others.


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Apple iCal Driver

Apple iCal addition to your calendar entries, it can also bring over your notes, your contacts, and your messages. Apple iCal can repeat the process for any other calendar you use, selecting iCloud, Yahoo, or Exchange as appropriate and enter your account details.

How to configure Apple iCal/Calendar to access your Zimbra mailbox calendar

But you can also create additional calendars inside those accounts. You might want to create separate calendars Apple iCal your sports club, for your family events, or for your family birthdays, for example.

There are two benefits to creating multiple calendars. The first benefit is that you can share those calendars with others without revealing other events. Apple iCal different calendars allows you to share some dates but not others, and it keeps certain parts of your life private.

The other benefit is that different calendars will enable you to keep different parts of your life organized. You can also make some Apple iCal those events invisible.

Unchecking a calendar removes it from view and makes your schedule easier to see. Bringing that organization to iCal requires multiple calendars. A new calendar will be added to the list on Apple iCal left of the screen.

Enter a name for the Apple iCal. Apple then automatically assigns your calendar a color. Bear in mind that when you delete a calendar, you lose all of its events. Be sure that you want to delete it and not just hide it. To delete a calendar, select it from the list of calendars on the left. How to Delegate an iCal Calendar The benefit of creating new calendars is Apple iCal you can share your Apple iCal with other people.

There are two ways to do that.

One way is to delegate an entire account. You might see your Apple iCal account here, for example, and your Google account.


How to delegate an Apple Calendar account The big space on the right shows information about Apple iCal account. It also provides an option to delegate that account. Enter Apple iCal name of the person you wish to grant access to your calendar account Apple iCal select their name from the contact list. What they will be able to do with your account will depend on the nature of the account.

Next to each calendar in the list on the right is a broadcast icon.

Google Calendar vs. Apple Calendar: The winner is clear - Business Insider

The easiest is to enter the names or email addresses of the people you want to share your calendar with. You can create new Apple iCal. But you can also subscribe to calendars that other people have Apple iCal and made available. The benefit of this feature is that it lets you quickly add a set of events that you might need, such as national holidays or sports schedules.

Apple Calendar Guide: Everything You Need to Know About iCal

Those events will be laid over your calendar. A quick search should lead you to it. Apple makes that pretty easy. Create an event in Apple Calendar This option is a lot cleverer than Apple iCal looks. Start describing the event, and Apple will try to turn it into a calendar entry.


Edit an event in Apple Calendar You could leave that event as it is or you can click the event in your calendar and add more detail: First, you can change the calendar to which Apple iCal event has been assigned. You can change the start and end times, or mark the event as lasting Apple iCal day.

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