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Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 Driver

Easily find performance upgrades and accessories for MacBook Pro Model ID: MacBookPro8,3. Performas · Mac Clones. Servers. Apple Xserve. Notebooks. Use Site Search instead. Enter Mac or Apple Device Identifier: OWC Special Deals MacBook Pro "Core i7" 17" Early , GHz Core i7 (IQM). Comprehensive review of the Apple MacBook Pro inch Early (Intel Core i7 QM, AMD Radeon HD M, ", 3 kg) with.


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Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 Driver

The MacBook Pro 17" is Apple's top-of-the line model as far as laptops go and stylishly combines powerful performance with excellent mobility. Sounds good, right? But how does the latest MBP measure up to the competition?

MacBook Pro Upgrades for Model ID: MacBookPro8,3

Aside from its visual appeal, the MacBook Pro 17 Early 's excellent performance coupled with a good battery life inside an extra compact case is a powerful argument that might lure in a savvy, resourceful customer base. This is, however, counteracted by the high starting price of Euro. Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 from the glitz and glamor, when it comes to comfortable, practical use, this large MacBook Pro has a ton of competition in terms of laptops that either measure up or surpass it in one area or another.

The Samsung E weighs in at g according to Samsung. In terms of notebooks for professionals, the market is usually dominated by Elitebooks, Precisions and Thinkpads, but since these series are currently making the switch to Sandy-Bridge processors, they are not yet available and can't quite be called "the competition" yet. But the delicate combination of a light-weight, sleek and sturdy case that promises good performance and above all an excellent battery life is something the competition has yet to accomplish.

As far as a well-rounded laptop goes, Apple is in a league of Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 own here. Currently, it costs about Euro in the Apple Store without any additional bells and whistles.

Case Perfect Dimensions Compared to its unibody predecessors, not much has changed about the case other than the "Thunderbolt" symbol. The dimensions, spacing and materials used are the best—nothing to worry about here. Only on the display lid and along the base plate did we find some minor weak spots due to the sheer largeness of the 17" case. The screen can be Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 in a bit with little effort as can some spots along the bottom of the case.


The somewhat sharp corners remain part of the design, but they don't much get in the way. Compared to the competition, this case quality is unmatched and should serve as a model.

Review Apple MacBook Pro 17 Early 2011 (2.2 GHz quad-core, glare-type screen)

Any complaints about the case quality would have to come from those with very high standards. The display lid hinges get the job done, allowing for easy opening and closing of the laptop.

The satisfying magnetic snap-shutting of the case is unique to Apple. Because of the large size and weight of the display lid, it starts bobbing back and forth pretty easily even though the hinges hold it in place.


During stationary use, Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 shouldn't give you much trouble, though, and doesn't interfere with typical use. The display lid doesn't open as far as usual, which can be problematic in some situations. The Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 frame in our glossy-screened test laptop is black, but in matte screen models, it's made of the same silver aluminum as the rest of the exterior. Connectivity Once again the review turns rather critical as we come to the variety of ports offered on the MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro (inch, Late ) - Technical Specifications

Here, you have to go without what most Windows laptops have an abundance of. While some might argue that three USB 2.

This means that large Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 drives or wide connectors might block neighboring ports. Lefties using an external mouse might also feel very restricted in their work space by all the cables protruding from the left side when many external devices are connected. On the plus side the MacBook Pro does, of course, have a lot to offer.

MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011) - Technical Specifications

FireWire transfers data rather quickly at On top of that, FW devices can be accessed using the appropriate cable USB 2. Although there are currently no compatible devices for it, the Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 port is likely to become very useful in the future.

Of course, we can only wait and see how things really turn out. Until then, external monitors can be connected via the shared MiniDisplay port as long as monitor's connector has the same pinout.

No Ports Left: No Ports Right: SuperDrive DVD-RKensington Lock The slot-in disc drive on the right side not only fits in Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 with the sleek design of the case but also proves to be rather convenient. Flimsy disc trays are history for Apple.

MacBook Pro 17 Inch Laptops for sale eBay

Some data formats for discs seem to likewise be shunned by Apple. Blu-Ray discs can neither be read nor burned. Once again we have to fall back on Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 solution from the fine folks at LaCie, which is however limited to burning Blu-Ray data. Internet and Bluetooth Compared to the previous MBP 17", the wireless internet situation has not changed. Bluetooth 2.

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