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Archos Gmini 500 Driver

Product description ARCHOS presents its latest Pocket Multimedia Center allowing you to download all your movies home video or recorded shows from your. Firmware is another name for Operating System (OS) or System Software. Below, you will find the instructions and the latest software to update. ARCHOS™ thanks you for your choice of this exciting Gmini™ product. The Gmini™ You can connect the Gmini™ to your TV system to play back.


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Archos Gmini 500 Driver

This player was released on Tuesday, July 12,and weighs g. Gmini Archos Gmini 500 edit ] The camera is 1. The player also holds 3 resolution modes, which enables users to choose size over quality, as well Archos Gmini 500 recording directly into MPEG4 in VGA resolution. This unit was first released Friday, November 11,and weighs g.


This unit is classed more as an Archos Gmini 500 centre" than an MP3 player, and includes a built in speaker for listening out aloud. Even though the speaker may not be the best quality, there is also functionality to be able to connect the device up to an existing external Hi-Fi system and listen outward that way.

Archos Gmini series

The player supports all the standard formats, and also contains a photo viewer - images and videos can be viewed on the 4" colour screen within the unit. The Gmini is fully USB 2.

This device was released Tuesday 20 Decemberand weighs g. Archos Gmini 500 edit ] A firmware exploit discovered by user Archos Gmini 500 provided the possibility for product enhancement by the community of Gmini enthusiasts. Since then GliGli has Archos Gmini 500 the applications to the Gmini and Camcorder. They, along with other homebrew applications including Doomhave now been embedded into the fan made operating system named "MediOS" for the Gmini's and other Archos players.

The model also supports gapless playback. Sadly, in this mode you can't copy content back to your computer, and files deemed incompatible by Windows a reconverted. This not only degrades quality, but wastes time. Thankfully the second 'hard drive' mode gets around this, although playback of protected files is denied.


Choose this, and when the player is connected to your computer, it will be recognised by your computer as an external FAT32 hard drive. Files can then be copied directly to the relevant folders. Archos Gmini 500

The good news is that in this mode the Gmini can, like Archos Gmini 500 other PMPs Archos Gmini 500 here, also be used with Macs and Linux systems. Although reliant on USB, there is some onboard recording functionality - you can capture audio onto the hard drive, from an in-built microphone or an external analogue stereo source. We test five hard disk-based MP3 players While flash-based players aren't susceptible to skipping because of the absence of moving parts, they don't offer the capacity of the biggest hard disk players.

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And with bigger capacities come bigger screens, making them better suited to watching movies and viewing photo slideshows. It weighs only g and software improvements include the new search feature where, like the Creative, you can scroll through the alphabet with the click wheel to save time in long lists. Archos Gmini 500

Video looks good on the 2. The iPod is a good choice, but only if you don't have WMA files in your library. Unlike others here, it only plays music and nothing else.

The navigation pad is no match for the Creative's touch Archos Gmini 500, especially with a large music library. We like the Top option and the Artist Link button, which can find songs or artists related to the current song. The problem is the software - Sony still hasn't introduced compatibility with Windows Media Player.

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