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AMD Supports CrossFire On B and X Chipsets, However SLI Limited to X SATA RAID, 0/1/10, 0/1/10, 0/1/10, 0/1 . significant advantages in latency and potential top transfer rates over the aging AHCI standard. . Both the ASUS A88XMA and A55BM-A/USB3 motherboards come in the mATX form factor. ASUS Posts Official Ivy Bridge-E BIOS Updates for its LGA Motherboards . The A88XM-A with AMD A88X chipset and A55BM-A/USB3 with A55 .. 6 Gb/s from a Marvell-made 4-port SATA 6 Gb/s AHCI/RAID controller. ASUS A55BM-PLUS Дънни платки . Connectors, support RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10), NCQ, AHCI and Hot Plug 1 x USB Header by AMD A88X (Bolton-D4) (Supports 2 USB ports) ASRock Easy RAID Installer.


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Conventions used in this guide To ensure that you perform certain tasks properly, take note of the following symbols used throughout this manual. Information to prevent injury to yourself when completing a task. Instructions that you MUST follow to complete a task.

Controladores para placa base ASUS

Tips and additional information to help you complete a task. Used Asus A55BM-A/USB3 AMD AHCI/RAID emphasize a word or a phrase. Keys enclosed in the less-than and greater-than sign means that you must press the enclosed key.

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  • A55BM-E. Motherboard

Unplug the power cord from the wall socket before touching any component. Before handling components, use a grounded wrist strap or touch a safely grounded object or a metal object, such as the power supply case, to avoid damaging them due to static electricity.

Asus A55Bm-A/Usb3 & A55Bm-E Motherboard Auto Install Drivers M4704 Duel Layer

Hold components by the edges to avoid touching the ICs on them. Whenever you uninstall any component, place it Asus A55BM-A/USB3 AMD AHCI/RAID a grounded antistatic pad or in the bag that came with the component. Before you install or remove any component, ensure that the ATX power supply is switched off or the power cord is detached from the power supply.

Failure to do so may cause severe damage to the motherboard, peripherals, or components. This is a Asus A55BM-A/USB3 AMD AHCI/RAID that you should shut down the system and unplug the power cable before removing or plugging in any motherboard component.

The illustration below shows the location of the onboard LED. Unplug the power cord before installing or removing the motherboard. Failure to do so can cause you physical injury and damage to motherboard components Placement direction When installing the motherboard, place it into the chassis in the correct orientation.

A88XM-A Motherboards ASUS USA

The edge with external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis as indicated in the image Screw holes Place six screws into the holes indicated by circles to secure the Asus A55BM-A/USB3 AMD AHCI/RAID to the chassis. Do not overtighten the screws! Doing so can damage the motherboard.

The APU fits in only one correct orientation. Product introduction 13 1. To install the APU heatsink and fan assembly Chapter 1: DDR3 modules are developed for better performance with less power consumption. You may install varying memory sizes in Channel A and Channel B.


The system maps the total size of the lower-sized channel for the dual-channel configuration. Any excess memory from the higher-sized channel is then mapped for single-channel operation.

A55BM-PLUS. Motherboard - PDF

Check with the retailer to get the correct memory modules. Due to the memory address limitation on bit Windows OS, when you install 4GB or more memory on the Asus A55BM-A/USB3 AMD AHCI/RAID, the actual usable memory for the Asus A55BM-A/USB3 AMD AHCI/RAID can be about 3GB or less. For effective use of memory, we recommend that you do any of the following: Product introduction 17 The default memory operation frequency is dependent on its Serial Presence Detect SPDwhich is the standard way of accessing information from a memory module.

Under the default state, some memory modules for overclocking may operate at a lower frequency than the vendor-marked value. To operate at the vendor-marked or at a higher frequency, refer to section 2.

Detect my configuration (Version :

For system stability, Asus A55BM-A/USB3 AMD AHCI/RAID a more efficient memory cooling system to support a full memory load 4 DIMMs or overclocking condition. Visit the ASUS website at: The following sub sections describe the slots and the expansion cards that they support.


Unplug the power cord before adding or removing expansion cards.

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