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Asus UL30VT Notebook 5100 WiFi WLAN Driver

WLAN: Intel® WiFi Link , Intel® Wireless WiFi Link ABGN, Integrated b/g/n, Azureware NEH (optional), Intel® WiFi Link Bluetooth. On my old laptop at home wi-fi card is an Intel (dual band) who brings over . card replacing an intel wireless n card in my ASUS UL30VT (win7 x64). Download drivers for laptop Asus UL30Vt. MBytes, /09/02, Download. Windows 7 bit, Wireless, Intel(R) WiFi Wireless LAN Driver for Win7 32 bit.


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Asus UL30VT Notebook 5100 WiFi WLAN Driver

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Try using 5 GHz band. The drivers are riddled with bugs at 2.

STA The AC card is completly off the hook and I am having connection hangs all the time, all other devices are just fine, they rekey every 10minutes and are otherwise just connected. The driver of the Intel WiFi card does not see anything of all those reauthes the card does.


This issue does exists with any AP that has Why on earth can Intel not simply make a WiFi product that works? And the best of all, firmware and driver for linux are free and working very well, and windows never had any hiccups so far.

WIth Intel cards I had nothing but trouble, be it the or or even AGN, the only one that actually somwhat worked fine, was a Turning off bluetooth fixed my latency problem. Bluetooth interferes with the wireless 2. Also it does not seem to fix the "reconnect" issues I am seeing with my AC I just joined the club of AC Running latest driver, win 7 pro 64bit.

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This just drives me crazy, I already spent good few hours of my life trying resolve the problem, but as I see I can do nothing really except swap it to something what actually works. I don't think that's the problem, I did check all power management settings and all is Asus UL30VT Notebook 5100 WiFi WLAN to maximum performance, unless there is some setting what I'm not aware of.

I think I'm struggling with same issue as other guys in this thread, intel just can't deliver proper driver for this product There's probably some Windows power management settings that slows your throughput down. We are currently working on a new driver. I will keep you informed. If yes, then it is ON Intel vs. USPS Intl.

Disabling bluetooth only fixes the latency issue intermittently. I had to toggle it on and off several times to work.


Changing the power options in windows fixed the issue once and for all. Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately, changing the power options did not work for me. I am not a heavy Bluetooth user and haven't tired toggling it on or off yet.

Jul 16, It appears that I did not properly save the changes. So, I tried again, as above, and on first glance it looks like the dropped connections upon resuming from sleep are no longer. Additionally, I have played around with the Bluetooth BT downloads from my phone Asus UL30VT Notebook 5100 WiFi WLAN to go very quickly.

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I am also able to turn BT on and off from the task bar; a red BT icon is shown on the taskbar when it is off. July 22, The problem still exists albeit now erratically. After resuming from sleep mode the wifi connection will sometimes re-establish itself and sometimes not--and the network card still has to Asus UL30VT Notebook 5100 WiFi WLAN manually reset.

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