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Asus V1Jp Driver

Introduction and Overview. The ASUS V1JP is a new high-end business notebook. The V1JP offers many features such as a fingerprint. I also considered the ASUS G1 notebook, but the sleek look of the V1Jp, plus the fact that a power station was included made be go for it in the. This powerful, distinguished-looking business laptop is hampered by stiff mouse buttons.


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Asus V1Jp Driver

It is nice to Asus V1Jp I don't need Asus V1Jp configure this separately. Actually in this case what I mean by Aero is the glass like transparency effects of the interface. The window borders and controls still look the same when turned off. I did one battery test so far in Vista.

I am quite satisfied with this result. This laptop has a lot to offer in terms of performance, quality, features and decent battery Asus V1Jp.

Asus V1JP with Windows Vista Ultimate Review

Not all applications provided with the notebook are Vista compatible. Like Nero Express, from which version 6 is included. Also some of the ASUS utilities are Asus V1Jp buggy.


For instance MultiFrame looks and works great, Asus V1Jp you check out Asus V1Jp number of handles the process has allocated in Task Manager. MultiFrame eats handles like crazy, I got the count up to over k in just about 2 hours.

Hopefully fixes will Asus V1Jp for these problems. Wireless access configuration was difficult at first, but this was only because the windows and controls have been changed in Vista.

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Asus V1Jp There is a fingerprint reader that is placed in between the touchpad buttons, which I will discuss more about later on in the review. Bluetooth The Bluetooth manager is very easy to use, it takes roughly 3 minutes to set up a profile for a Bluetooth device. Unfortunately, despite setup being easy for my Motorola RAZR V3i, the connection could not establish, and an error pops up. Oh well, I will further investigate on how to connect my phone with Asus V1Jp laptop.

The quality of the camera is decent, certainly better than other laptops Asus V1Jp have seen. This is an image from the webcam, it looks a little dark, however if you are using it in good overhead lighting conditions the picture comes out much better. It Asus V1Jp the user to remove the optical drive and replace it with a modular bay battery to extend battery life.

Asus V1JP with Windows Vista Ultimate Review

It also has the option of being a second hard drive to be placed into multi-bay. However, the hard drive tray is not provided by ASUS, both devices you will have to purchase separately. My estimate from the watt consumption per hour is that the modular bay battery would last roughly 1 Asus V1Jp and 30 minutes. Fingerprint Reader The fingerprint reader is a great tool for extra security. I played around Asus V1Jp the software and practiced taking fingerprints Asus V1Jp my index finger.

It does take some time using it, because it can measure, speed, length, and how hard you swipe your finger across the reader. Docking Station The docking station is one of the key features of this Asus V1Jp. The docking station is Asus V1Jp great addition to this notebook and has an array of ports. I did not purchase one, however I may in the future.


The docking station has the following ports: Sound System The speakers are located Asus V1Jp the Asus V1Jp and right of the keyboard, where the sound can distribute evenly around the user. An external USB or wireless mouse is essential. What's more, though the V1Jp-AKE is not billed as a gaming rig, it cleaned the clocks of every other notebook we've tested in 3D shooters, running Far Cry at a silky-smooth 97 frames per second.

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