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Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio Driver

I thought to try a previous bios but I found an other guy in asus forums This board schpanks AFAIK, loaded the cat 's, the additional HDMI-realtek audio driver, connected to HDTV and havent .. ASUS P5G31D-M PRO. gateway LX, gateway LX, gateway DX, ECS G31T-M (V) Dell XPS i HP B(foxconn 2a8c mainboard) HP Pro IPMEL-AE Add new region shuttle, Asus oem machine, Gigabyte Beta, Jetway JW-N7AS-HD .. G31P Neo2-F / FP / FR, G31M3-F (FSB ), G31M3-F V2 (3 Audio Ports). Download & Update Asrock GMH/USB3 HDMI Audio Driver to repair Download & Update Asus P5G31D-M PRO Turbo Key Utility to repair.


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407 (3.9)
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Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio Driver

Last night i got it to 1. Put it back up again and then it would crash at prime right away many times until i knocked it back up to 1. Is that a good option to set instead of auto? Are you setting mem values manually in BIOS?

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It's not clear to me what spec memory you're running or or what? If you slow the memory way down like dividerthen set fsb to and cpu multi to 11 or 12, then maybe set the nb multi to x8 or x9, then set HT link to x, can you get it to boot? I can get to boot at above but not stable unless vcore really high ie 1. Yep really high vcore but who cares, its a cheap chip and can be replaced however im really disappointed on how high i have to run Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio but i will use CnQ so will help.

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Man, it just looks like you're rooked. What are your load temps from that last screenie? Here is a screenie while prime is running 15 mins. When idle its around however i have been virus scanning so its a bit more. Also can you tell me wher ei put it the cpu-nb voltage on this board, also out of interest when will i start seeing Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio damage to the chip at this vcore?

At a guess, i will be purchasing either a if i can find a cheap one second hand, a ph 2 or this new 6 core Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio chip i have read about that is AM3? I have loaded the new bios and there is also a option to overvolt the SB now at the bottom under memory timing etc, havnt noticed anything else yet. I have put my ripjaws in again and they are finding the correct SPD!!!!!

Great news! I checked a few hours ago and it wasn't up yet! I will test it tomorrow though since I have not access to this pc now HWCanucks say their answer is Once again, we were thoroughly impressed by the bus overclocking capability of these boards.

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The "M" was able to acheive the exact same MHz clock that the Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio did. This is very impressive - especially for an mATX board. Not only can droop be completely eliminated with the M4ATD-V, but voltage set points are quite accurate as well. Please take software readings with a grain of salt as this board rocks out some very stable CPU power — even at above 1. Yes, can't get in right now, but it's right below the NB multi.

If so, you know a good place to set it at? NB running around Mhz.


It's probably defaulting at 1. When pushing over 2. Did you read that HWcanucks article about the LoadLine?


You might try fiddling with that, since your CPU seems to want volts. Also, anyone know where i have Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio poke a multimeter on Asus P5G31D-M PRO HD Audio board, want to see the vcore with a multimeter as i have heard of a few asus boards being out 0. How did the new bios do for you pcfreak? I am out of town for the moment so I can't test the new bios yet. Hardwarecanucks are running an older bios so there may be some changes Definitely she has specifically my asus p5v-vm ultra driver video windows 7 with that spunk,Ima asus p5v-vm ultra driver video windows 7 you asus p5v-vm ultra driver.

Windows 7 32bit.

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