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Aten KH2516 Driver

ATEN KA - Keyboard / video / mouse (KVM) adapter - RJ (F) to DB, HD (VGA) (M) - for ALTUSEN KH, KH, KH, KH; ATEN. NEW DELHI, INDIA: ATEN International, designer and manufacturer of The KH / KH Cat 5 KVM Switch, a 2-console, 8/port Cat 5. Two-User Dual-Bus 8/port CAT5 KVM Application Diagram Non blocked access - Two operators access all servers KH Cat 5e cable KH Blocked.


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Aten KH2516 Driver

To clear the log file, click the Aten KH2516 Log button. The program comes as part of a Firmware UpgradePackage that is specific for each device.


As new firmware versions become available, new firmware upgrade packagesare posted on our Website. Check the Website regularly to find the latestinformation Aten KH2516 packages.

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Notify all users to logout of the OSD on all switches in the installation. Ensure that all computers Aten KH2516 powered on; otherwise, some KVM adaptercables may not be upgraded. Chapter 5. The Firmware Upgrade UtilityPerforming the UpgradeFollow the instructions below to upgrade the firmware for all possible devices,including switches Aten KH2516 adapter cables, in the KVM installation.


Go to the Administration Page Aten KH2516 click Aten KH2516 icon to bring up the Systemdialog see page Click Firmware Upgrade. The following dialog box appears: Click Next to continue. The Firmware Upgrade Utility main screenappears and the utility searches for devices.

The devices capable of being upgraded by the package are listed in theDevice List panel. A light blue background Aten KH2516 the device name indicates that it isready to be upgraded.

If it finds that thedevice's version is the same, or higher, it brings up a dialog Aten KH2516 informingyou of the situation and gives you the option to Continue or Cancel. If you didn't enable Check Firmware Upgrade, the Aten KH2516 installs theupgrade files without checking their version level.

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When a device Aten KH2516 upgrade is successful, the background behind thedevice group name changes to pink; if a member of a device groupfails to upgrade successfully, the background behind the device groupname changes to red to indicate that there was an upgrade failure in thegroup. Check the Status Messages Aten KH2516 ascertain which device failed toupgrade.

The Firmware Upgrade UtilityUpgrade SuccessfulWhen all devices have been upgraded, or you decide not to try and upgrade anydevices again, click Finish to close the Firmware Upgrade Utility. The OSD displays theprogress toward completion.

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However, if you need Aten KH2516 stop the Aten KH2516 Utility while it is upgrading a device, simple click the close button inthe top-right corner of the Firmware Upgrade Utility window. The followingmessage appears: Click Yes to stop the Firmware Upgrade Utility, or click No to allow the utilityto finish the upgrade. The Firmware Upgrade UtilityUpgrade FailedIf a device fails to complete the upgrade successfully, start the firmwareupgrade procedure again.

The emulation mappings are listed in the table below. The corresponding functions are shown in the table below. AppendixSafety InstructionsGeneralRead all of these instructions. Save them Aten KH2516 future reference.

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Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the device. Do not place the device on any unstable Aten KH2516 cart, stand, table, etc. Ifthe device falls, serious damage will result. Do not use the device near water.

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