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ATI RV530 XT Driver

Summary; AMD/ATI Radeon chipset 3D support; AMD/ATI Radeon chipset 2D support; Radeon card . XT are RV, RV based card. Memory Type. VGA BIOS. PCI-E Speed. 01 ATI. X Pro. Radeon X XT Radeon X XT (RV XT) MB/DDR3 SGRAM X ATI RADEON X XT Platinum Ed Sec · ATI RADEON X XT ATI RV XT · ATI RV ATI SAPPHIRE RADEON XT ATLANTIS · ATI SAPPHIRE.


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ATI RV530 XT Driver

Codenamed the R, the flagship model has been christened the Radeon ATI RV530 XT XT as ATI sought to follow its naming scheme by adding another digit to the series.

A staggering million transistors are found on the R core, equaling and surpassing many CPUs in terms of transistor count. LaunchBoard is an app drawer replacement with a theme engine and modern UI June 28, Thanks Meter: By CheezSenior Member on 8th March Join Date: Feb OP ATI RV530 XT Member. Reggio Emilia.

ATI video cards drivers download for Windows (32/64bit)

Chaos Theory can run in a Shader Model 1. The latter allows the use of some limited high dynamic range HDR effects.

We run the benchmark in both SM 1. Using the Shader Model 1. As we turn on Shader Model 3.

Though neither of these games is quite available ATI RV530 XT, they both have demos that have just been released. The two top-of-the-line cards are very evenly matched. Turn on those features, and the performance gap widens.

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By having a faster clock speed, ATI is able to match the theoretical fill rate of the pixel shader pipelines, even though the highest-end card has 8 ATI RV530 XT pipes and the next step down has 4 fewer. When we combine all our benchmarks by taking a geometric mean, we get the following performance comparison.

The X XL is a reasonable demonstration of the improved efficiency of the new architecture. With less theoretical fill rate and memory bandwidth, the X XL has managed ATI RV530 XT outperform the previous architecture. But, so what?

On the whole, it runs at the same speed with AA and AF applied, and a little bit slower without no doubt due to the 4 additional ATI RV530 XT shader pipelines in the GT. Will vendors sell similarly overclocked X XL cards?

We certainly hope so. It is faster, on ATI RV530 XT whole, whether you apply AA and AF or not though the difference is tiny without them. Without that game, ATI pulls even further ahead.


The following figure represents the performance lost ATI RV530 XT enabling 4xAA ATI RV530 XT 8xAF in all our benchmark games, on average. The improved cache structure, compression, and redesigned memory controller seem to have made a big impact on antialiasing and anisotropic filtering performance. The new memory controller, shader thread dispatch unit, and improvements to compression and cache are really promising.

HIS X XT IceQ Turbo -

ATI has stepped up its video and display output game with this first Avivo-branded part. Unfortunately, not all ATI RV530 XT cards are shipping yet. How do they look, and how fast do they run?


Though Nvidia unveiled its GeForce GTX with retail availability the same day, historically both companies have announced product and put it in the ATI RV530 XT of reviewers a few weeks before they ship.

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