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Sep J Chrom B. The publications in macro-molecularly imprinted polymers have increased drastically in recent years with the development of water-based polymer systems. The macroporous structure of cryogels has allowed the use of these materials within different applications, particularly in affinity purification and molecular imprinting based methods.

Due to their high selectivity, specificity, efficient mass transfer and good reproducibility, molecularly imprinted cryogels MICs have become attractive for researchers Bewan 2204 W the separation and purification of proteins. In this review, the recent developments in affinity based cryogels and molecularly imprinted cryogels in protein purification are reviewed comprehensively.

A novel approach developed in this study represents a significant alternative for conventional IMAC techniques.

There is no need for time consuming and multi steps of IMAC process such as the coupling of chelating ligand onto the adsorbent and the immobilization of the metal ions [40]. The complexation of the MAH monomer with an appropriate metal ion Bewan 2204 W polymerization onto the BC nanofibers offer a fast and easy route for the preparation of the metal-chelated surfaces, which are efficient for protein purification and separation systems.


Affinity binding of proteins to the modified bacterial cellulose nanofibers. Mar J Chrom B.


The potential of the modified bacterial cellulose BC nanofibers was determined bearing metal ion coordination interactions to enhance the protein adsorption and binding capacity. Thus, a household synthesized metal chelating monomer, namely N-methacryloyl-l-histidine methylester MAHand a commercial metal chelating monomer, namely 4-vinylimidazole VImwere used to complex with metal ions Cu II Bewan 2204 W Ni II respectively for the synthesis of the modified BC Bewan 2204 W.


The protein adsorption tests were carried Bewan 2204 W using hemoglobin as a model protein and it was determined that the maximum adsorption capacity of hemoglobin onto the modified BC nanofibers was found as The novel strategy for the preparation of metal chelated nanofibers was developed. Several reports have been published on the extraction of urease from various bacteria, and plants 10 The high molecular mass nickel-containing metalloenzyme [12] is believed to play an important role in the nitrogen transport cycle in plants Bewan 2204 W.

Extraction, purification, kinetic and thermodynamic properties of urease from germinating Pisum Sativum L.

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Jul BMC Biochem. BackgroundUrease, one of the highly efficient known enzymes, catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide. The present study aimed to extract urease from pea seeds Pisum Sativum L. Bewan 2204 W

The enzyme was then purified in three consequence steps: ResultsThe purification fold was Bewan 2204 W The molecular weight of the isolated urease was estimated by chromatography to beDaltons. The kinetic parameters, K m and V maxwere estimated by Lineweaver-Burk fits and found to be mM and ConclusionsUrease was purified from germinating Pisum Sativum L.

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The purification fold, yield, and molecular weight were determined. The effects of pH, concentration of enzyme, temperature, concentration of substrate, and storage period on urease activity were examined.

This may provide an insight on the various aspects of the property of the enzyme. The significance of extracting urease from different sources could play a Bewan 2204 W role in understanding the metabolism of urea in plants. In this presented work, magnetic poly 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate p HEMA nanoparticles were synthesized by surfactant-free emulsion polymerization technique.

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