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AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway Driver

AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway Free Driver Download for Windows XP - . World's most popular driver download site. Hardy Card As IF PCS DON'T DO ENOUGH AS IT is, AIMS LAB INC. HAS created a behemoth add-in card called VideoHighway Xtreme 98 Deluxe, listen to the radio, capture video and conduct videoconferences with other card users. I've been hunting for an Aims Lab video highway xtreme 98 driver for my Win2k box, but nothing seems to work. The drivers from driverguide.


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AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway Driver

Brian Gallagher Mar 31, Incorporate video into your network Considering the large number of video-related products I've reviewed in the past few months, I should be fed up with video solutions.

But every time I start to feel bored, a cool new product arrives for me to review. This AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway, two products held my attention: EMULive's video suite has market appeal, because it doesn't require users to install proprietary players on client systems. And this software suite is robust with features that let you create and distribute video streams across your network.

However, the software and drivers work well, and VHX 98 offers great functionality, including the flexibility to capture television video streams for broadcast across your network. Each EMULive application includes tip menus that contain helpful hints and tricks.

AIMS Lab Video Drivers Download

I found these insights a valuable complement to the applications' online documentation. EMULive's tools use a proprietary codec to broadcast audio, video, and audio-visual streams to end users. EMULive Server. EMULive Server can simultaneously broadcast 20 video and 20 audio streams and as many as unicast streams i.

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In multicasting, a server sends a data stream on one IP address; thus, all systems on a network can access the stream without hampering network bandwidth. A multicast stream plays continuously from beginning to end, AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway an administrator intervenes, and users can't pause, fast-forward, or rewind a multicast stream. AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway ensure multicast stream quality, EMULive Server lets you limit the number of router hops a multicast stream must make.

You have three choices for sizing the screen interface: Screen 1pageshows the full-screen interface. To monitor individual video streams, you can select an incoming stream a stream comes into the server, and the server then makes the stream available to viewers and view its contents through a video window in the upper-left corner of the EMULive Server interface.

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Below this window is a window that contains a summary of connection time, client type, and bandwidth information. Two windows, separated by a row of control option buttons, split the remainder of the interface.

The top window displays information you select by choosing an option button, and the bottom window displays client connections. The EMULive Server control options include messages, protocols, live feeds, stored feeds, host table, engine, stream sync, socket stats, security, memory, and preferences.

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These control options let you quickly peruse and edit live or stored broadcasts, multicasts, and client connections, and you can limit the number of connections to the server and the bandwidth you make available to clients. Right-clicking a live broadcast or client connection lets you access more information about the connection and terminate that connection. Clicking stored feeds AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway a new interface in the stored feed manager.


This interface lists all the containers and playlists that are available for distribution. You can use containers and playlists to group streams and commands; for example, you can present a station ID followed by a welcome message followed by an advertisement. EMULive Server supports multilevel verified security, including the ability to AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway incoming IP addresses on the server. You can use one encompassing wildcard to let members of a particular domain view EMULive streams.

AIMS Lab Video Highway Xtreme 98 driver - AIMS Lab Video Drivers - Various names

Additional EMULive Server features include directory support using dynamic addressing or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP addressing; support for nonpush browsers in a single-frame mode; and a memory control that displays the physical memory, paging file, and AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway memory of an EMULive Server system you designate. This tool not only provides an interface through which you can manage multiple servers but also generates HTML pages with available EMULive Servers and their content for Web browser access.

Content creation tools. Although the tools' functionalities overlap, these are four of the most robust network video broadcasting tools I have worked with. Audio Producer offers four compression algorithms that give you different bandwidth consumption and accompanying audio quality. The tool supports Hz and 22KHz sampling rates. Audio Producer uses NT's sound controls, and the tool quickly found the sound card in each system I AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway it on.

AIMS Lab Video Drivers Download

The product quickly identified my system's sound card and video source, whether the video source was a parallel port or video capture card. In addition to using Video Producer to capture and broadcast data from a video camera, you can configure this tool to capture and broadcast AIMS Lab Xtreme98 Video Highway computer's display you can capture the full screen or 80 XXXor X resolution windows. If you want more flexibility, you can use the mouse like a pointer, and Video Producer will capture the cursor movements for viewers.


Video Producer lets you add bitmap overlays, picture-in-picture, text, timestamps and date stamps, and frame stamps to captured content. You can choose video effects such as inverting, gray scale, horizontal and vertical flip, and image window rotation.

Additional image enhancements, which Screen 2 shows, are sharpness, brightness, contrast, softness, gamma, edge, and blur.

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