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Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder Driver

Multi-track recorder/soundcard solution. To wire the ICE in, Allen & Heath suggest using direct outs from the mixer for recording, but with. This is certainly true for multitrack recorders designed to be integrated into a live sound rig. No-one Allen & Heath's ICE 16 is designed to meet this need. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Allen & Heath Iced Balanced I/o Multitrack Recorder and Interface ICE16D at the best online.


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Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder Driver

Allen & Heath ICED Balanced Multitrack Recorder - Digital Mixers - Studio Gear - Studiospares

It has both USB and Firewire sockets, making connecting different types of computer a Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder, and also a multipin connection, which means you can sync two ICEs to make a standalone track. It will then test the media and inform you if it is fast enough to run at higher bit rates.

Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder USB mode it is only possible Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder record in track up to 48kHzor eight-track if you choose to run at 96kHz. It's a little frustrating that USB recording has no option to drop track count at lower bit-rates. Many set-ups will result in a lot of empty WAV files. You can obviously then play back multi-tracks off USB, and indeed stereo files for background music, and so on.

ICED - Allen & Heath

Switching from recording to playback often means swapping 16 connections. We ended up making some custom cables to make use of the channel insert send. In USB mode the outputs do nothing while recording; it would make life much easier if there was a latency-free hardware monitor option, each output echoing its input on recording.

The ICE could stay connected at the insert point, and changing from record to playback would be no sweat. D Sub connectors provide a convenient way to connect multiple channels, with easily available cables from music stores or cable suppliers?.

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Just connect the 16 analogue inputs to any line level source your mixer? ICE also functions as a 16 x 16 channel interface to your computer in the studio, streaming high quality digital audio at 24bit, up to 96kHz sample rate over FireWire or high speed USB 2.


Units can be linked when streaming Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder FireWire to expand the channel count even further. Live or in the studio, ICE makes multitrack recording easy. However, it should perhaps be pointed out that more upmarket alternatives offer better metering and worthwhile additional features.

By contrast, although you can use the ICE 16 to record from insert points with the appropriate cables, if you want to play back audio through the same console, you'll need separate looms routed to its line inputs — which may well be needed for other purposes. However, any complaints about what the ICE 16 doesn't do must take into account the fact that it really is the only product of its kind at this sort of price. A comparable JoeCo Black Box Recorder Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder be around three times as expensive, and could not be used as an audio interface.


The Antelope Orion 32 offers twice as many, but is considerably pricier. The last two are no longer in production, and the only one which can record to portable media CF cards is the Fostex. Also, they're all bulky and Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder by comparison, and can't be used as audio interfaces — and you'll still need to go second-hand to get you into the same price range.

To do this with the ICE 16, you'd patch its outputs to the line inputs on the desk, skip to the required Song on the drive, and press Play. Re-patching through channel line inputs is Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder assuming that the desk has separate line inputs but is not as convenient! However, the ICE 16 has another playback mode designed for stereo material, for instance where you need to play interval music or backing tracks.

The files Allen&Heath ICE-16D Multitrack Recorder be in WAV format — MP3s aren't recognised — and there's no way to sort them into any kind of order: Pros There's nothing remotely comparable at this price.

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