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Olympus D-600L Driver

Olympus CAMEDIA DL - digital camera overview and full product specs on CNET. image by Martin Hilber (Image rights) The DL or CL is a early fixed lens DSLR from Japanese manufacturer Olympus released in It's body design is similar to the 35mm film zoom lens reflex camera designs from the Olympus iS series. It offers a maximum resolution of x on a 2/3" CCD based sensor. Olympus DL specs and sensor info: 2/3-inch (~ x mm) CCD sensor with 11 mm diagonal and crop factor of Pixel pitch is µm.


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Olympus D-600L Driver

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Both devices measure 4. Their size will probably preclude Olympus D-600L them in a coat pocket, so the optional and very nicely made leather case makes a lot of sense. This really isn't a limitation, since the TTL viewfinder lets you actually look through the main lens itself, providing an accurate representation of what the sensor Olympus D-600L ultimately capture.


The LCD panel does work well for reviewing images once they've been captured, and selectively deleting those you Olympus D-600L want to keep. To help you rapidly review a number of images, you can display as many as nine images in "thumbnail" form simultaneously on the LCD screen.

Also, after taking a picture, a copy of the new image appears on the LCD panel for a few seconds. This automatic, "instant review" is very helpful for making certain you actually got the shot you were trying for, and it's nice not to have to press multiple buttons or change camera "modes" Olympus D-600L be able to see it.

In our testing, we found the Olympus D-600L viewfinder worked very well, and didn't regret the lack of a real-time Olympus D-600L display at all. In another "real camera" feature, eyeglass wearers will also be glad to find a diopter adjustment built into the viewfinder, to compensate for either near- or far-sighted eyeballs!

Optics The DL and DL have identical optics, a multicoated, aspheric 3x autofocus zoom lens, but the two cameras have different effective focal lengths due to differences in sensor size. The zoom on the DL covers a range of focal lengths equivalent to mm on Olympus D-600L 35mm film camera, while the DL covers a range equivalent to mm. This difference in focal length coverage may offer some guidance in choosing between Olympus D-600L two units, the DL being oriented more Olympus D-600L telephoto applications.


The Olympus D-600L on both cameras has an f-stop range from 2. Minimum "normal" autofocus distance is Much of Olympus' reputation in the film world is built upon Olympus D-600L excellent optics, and that tradition carries Olympus D-600L to the DL and DL: Both cameras produced sharp images corner-to-corner, with good contrast and no chromatic aberration.

Undoubtedly due to its larger sensor size, the distortion was more evident with the DL than with the DL.

Olympus CAMEDIA DL - digital camera Series Specs - CNET

This slight distortion is unlikely to be an issue for typical shooting, and would only be Olympus D-600L when taking Olympus D-600L of objects with straight lines parallel to the frame edges, near the frame boundaries. To see the effect at its most extreme, look at the viewfinder accuracy test images, taken at the wide-angle lens settings.

Accessory Optics!

Olympus has had Olympus D-600L full range of add-on auxiliary lenses for their "ZLR" film cameras for some time now. These include wide-angle, telephoto, and macro adapters.

For now, we'll just make the passing observation that there are Olympus D-600L differences between macro adapters: While they may be OK for casual usage, if you're serious about capturing high-quality images, you'll Olympus D-600L something better. Many camera manufacturers make high-quality, multi-element macro adapters that avoid most of the problems of the Olympus D-600L, single-element "close up filters".

The macro adapter provided by Olympus for the DL and DL is of the latter, high-quality type, "borrowed" from their film camera line, and equipped with a 43mmmm adapter to mate it to the digital devices' filter threads. This isn't cheap, but if you look at the macro shots we took with the cameras using this lens, we think you'll agree the results are worth it!

Olympus DL: Digital Photography Review

The availability of a Olympus D-600L range of accessory lenses for the DL and DL further extend their usefulness. In effect, Olympus D-600L become complete camera systems, covering a wide range of focal lengths and subject distances. The only negative comment we have about the telephoto and wide-angle adapters are that they're pretty massive for such a small host camera: We'd worry a little about the tripod socket on the camera, with all that weight mounted forward.

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