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ACPI Sleep Button Driver

ACPI Sleep Button drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help you to restore your. If you want to disable all three of these buttons, you can disable the computer's ACPI feature in CMOS Setup. The location of this option is. The sleep mode in Vista and Windows 7 behaves similarly, but more efficiently. supports the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). Start by In the Power buttons box, check if the two pull-down menus have.


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ACPI Sleep Button Driver

ACPI Sleep Button state is held in RAM and, when placed in sleep mode, the computer cuts power to unneeded subsystems and places the RAM into a minimum power state, just sufficient to retain its data. Because of the large power saving, most laptops automatically enter this mode when the ACPI Sleep Button is running on batteries and the lid is closed.

If undesired, the behavior can be altered in the operating system settings. A computer must consume some energy while sleeping in order ACPI Sleep Button power the RAM and to be able to respond to a wake-up event.

Sleep mode

A sleeping PC is a case of a machine on standby powerand this is covered by regulations ACPI Sleep Button many countries, for example in the United States limiting such power under the One Watt Initiativefrom In addition to a wake-up press of the power button, PCs can also respond to other wake cues, such as from keyboard, mouse, incoming telephone call on a modemor local area network signal. Main article: Hibernation computing Hibernation, also called Suspend to Disk on Linux, saves all computer operational data on the fixed disk ACPI Sleep Button turning the computer off completely.

On switching the computer back on, the computer is restored to its state prior to hibernation, with all programs and files open, and unsaved data intact.


In contrast with standby ACPI Sleep Button, hibernation mode saves the computer's state on the hard disk, which requires no power to maintain, whereas standby mode saves the computer's state in RAM, which requires a small amount of power to maintain. Hybrid ACPI Sleep Button edit ] Sleep mode and hibernation can be combined: This approach combines the benefits of sleep mode and hibernation: The machine can resume instantaneously, but it can also be powered down completely e.

A hybrid mode is supported by some portable Apple Macintosh computers, [1] compatible hardware running Microsoft Windows Vista or newer, as well as Linux distributions running kernel 3. When a non-ACPI device is plugged in, Windows will sometimes disable stand-by functionality for the whole operating system. Without ACPI functionality, as seen on older hardware, sleep mode is usually restricted to turning off the monitor and spinning down the hard drive.

No Sleep, No Standby, No Hibernation PCWorld

Click Start, then Run, type powercfg. In the resulting dialog box, click the Hibernate tab, and if Enable Hibernation isn't checked, check it. Then click the Advanced tab.


In the Power buttons box, check if the two pull-down menus have Hibernate and Standby options. Vista and Windows 7: Click Start, type powercfg.

Click Choose what the power buttons do in the left pane. Make sure the two pull-down menus have Hibernate and Sleep options.

If you don't find these options in the menus, they're probably turned off in the BIOS settings. I can't tell you how to access these settings on your particular computer, but if you watch the screen ACPI Sleep Button carefully when you boot, one of the first things you'll see will be a message like "Press F2 for setup.

Acpi Sleep Button Driver Download

Once you're in the setup program, look for "Power" options. Graphics drivers have a reputation for troublemaking, so check them first.


After that, audio is the next likely culprit. There are multiple programs and services available that can scan your ACPI Sleep Button and recommend updates for your various drivers.

Unfortunately, I've yet to find one that I can recommend. If you ACPI Sleep Button recommend one, well, that's what the comments section below is for. To upgrade drivers manually, bring up the Device Manager as described above.

Locate and double-click the device you want to update your graphics adapter will be under Display adapters. Click the Driver tab. You can click the Update ACPI Sleep Button button if you like, but I've never seen this work. But do make a note of the driver's version number and date.

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