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Addonics RT134DAHX Driver

Addonics RTSDMS RAID Tower XIII - Black20x / over alocal area network by attaching toan optional Addonics NAS adapter. Install Operating System On Raid 5 Diagram Raid 0 Diagram: Addonics Product: RAID Tower XIII (RTDAHX Addonics Product: RAID Tower. Addonics Drivers Download Center Addonics Driver Downloads. Choice 1: Automatic Download and Update Addonics Driver.


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Addonics RT134DAHX Driver

Optional Service Features - 4-hour response, 24x7 Service is available during the coverage window, 24 hours per day, Monday through Sunday including HP Addonics RT134DAHX. An HP authorized representative will Addonics RT134DAHX at the Customer's site any time and day of the year to begin hardware maintenance service within 4 hours of the service request being logged. Optional Service Features - Accidental damage Addonics RT134DAHX For eligible products, specific service levels may be offered with accidental damage protection.

Where accidental damage protection Addonics RT134DAHX, the Customer receives protection against accidental damage to the covered hardware product as part of this service. Accidental damage is defined as physical damage to a product caused by or resulting from a fortuitous incident. Covered perils include fire, non-intentional liquid spills in or on the unit, drops, falls, collisions, and Addonics RT134DAHX surge.


This includes damaged or broken liquid crystal displays LCDsor broken parts. Accidental damage protection does Addonics RT134DAHX cover theft, loss, normal wear, consumables, intentional acts of damage, or other exclusions, as Addonics RT134DAHX in the ''Service limitations'' section. Major parts replacement is subject to certain limitations as detailed in the ''Service limitations'' section.

The unit may need to be repaired or replaced Addonics RT134DAHX an HP designated location, since not all replacement parts may be available locally. Major parts replacement, as detailed in the ''Service limitations'' section, is limited to one each per year. Optional Addonics RT134DAHX Features - Defective media retention For eligible products, this service feature option allows the Addonics RT134DAHX to retain defective hard disk drive components that the Customer does not want to relinquish due to sensitive data contained within the disk ''Disk Drive'' covered under this service.

Addonics Product: RAID Tower XIII (RTDAHX)

All Disk Drives on a covered system must participate in the defective media retention. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this document or the HP Single Order Terms for Support, HP waives the right Addonics RT134DAHX take possession and title of a defective Disk Drive covered by the defective media retention service feature option in Addonics RT134DAHX event a replacement product is delivered by HP to the Customer.

HP Care Pack Services with this coverage do not extend the specified service level to the external monitor or docking Addonics RT134DAHX.


Optional Service Features - Page allowance Some printer products may be available with a maximum page allowance. Page count for any given printer is defined as the number of standard pages printed or plain that have passed through such printers print engine, as recorded on the test page. Addonics RT134DAHX

Different paper sizes and print options may be associated with different standard page equivalent values in order to calculate the page count. For printers Addonics RT134DAHX require HP installation, the contract term begins on the date of installation of such printers at the Customer site.

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Where page allowances apply, the support coverage ends when either the end of the contract term has been reached or the page count has exceeded the maximum page allowance, whichever Addonics RT134DAHX first. Where the Customer has exceeded the maximum page allowance before the end of the contract term and unless another agreement term is purchased at that time, any services will be provided at HPs then-current time and materials rate.

Service Level Options - 4-hour response, 24x7 Service Addonics RT134DAHX available during the coverage window, 24 hours per day, Monday through Sunday including HP holidays. Addonics RT134DAHX

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Service is available during the coverage window, 24 hours per day, Monday through Sunday including HP holidays. Addonics RT134DAHX Limitations At the discretion of HP, service will be provided using Addonics RT134DAHX combination of remote diagnosis and support, services delivered onsite, and other service delivery methods. Other service delivery methods may include the delivery via courier of customer-replaceable parts, such as a keyboard, mouse, other parts classified as Customer Self Repair Parts, or an entire replacement unit.

HP will determine the appropriate delivery method required to provide effective and timely Customer support. Addonics RT134DAHX


An onsite response time will not apply if the service can be delivered using remote diagnosis, remote support, or other Addonics RT134DAHX delivery methods described above. For fully redundant storage technologies e. Response times for non-critical service requests may vary.

Raid 4 Diagram

Services such as, but not limited to, the following are excluded from this service: Recovery and support of the operating system, other software, and data Operational testing of applications, or additional tests requested or required by the Customer Troubleshooting for interconnectivity or compatibility problems Support for network-related problems Services required due to failure of the Customer to incorporate any system fix, repair, patch, or modification provided to the Customer by HP Services required due to failure of the Customer to take avoidance action previously advised by HP Exclusions to the accidental damage protection service feature option Accidental damage protection does not cover the following: Damage caused by failure to provide manufacturer's recommended maintenance or Addonics RT134DAHX specifications Damage due to war or nuclear incident, terrorism, unauthorized attempts to repair the product, use of damaged or defective media Data loss or corruption; business interruptions; obsolescence; cosmetic damage; rust; change in color, texture, or finish; wear and Addonics RT134DAHX gradual deterioration Error in design, construction, product programming, or instructions to the Addonics RT134DAHX Fraud, theft, unexplained or mysterious disappearance, misuse, abuse, or Addonics RT134DAHX act Alteration or modification of the product in any way Customer Responsibilities If applicable, the Customer must register the covered hardware and HP Care Addonics RT134DAHX immediately, using the registration instructions within each package or e-mail document or as otherwise directed by HP.

At the sole discretion of HP, service levels with an onsite response time of 4 hours may require installation of remote connectivity tools and equipment. If remote support is available and required on the covered product, the Customer must provide and allow HP remote access in order to receive an onsite response time of 4 hours.


The Customer will: Provide all information necessary for HP to deliver timely and professional remote support and to enable HP Addonics RT134DAHX determine the level of support eligibility Start self-tests and install and run other diagnostic tools and programs Install customer-installable firmware updates and patches Perform other reasonable activities to help HP identify or resolve problems, as requested by HP The Customer is responsible for installing, in a timely manner, critical customer-installable firmware updates, as well as Customer Self Repair parts and replacement products delivered to the Customer.

In cases where Customer Addonics RT134DAHX Repair parts are shipped to resolve a problem, the Customer is responsible for returning the defective part within a time period designated by HP. In the event HP does not receive the defective part within the designated time period or if the part is physically damaged upon receipt, the Customer will be required to pay a fee for the defective part, as determined by HP.

The Customer Addonics RT134DAHX responsible for registering to use HP's electronic facility in order to gain access to restricted product information and to receive proactive notification or other services available to the Customer.

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