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Aviosys VCD PLUS Driver

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Aviosys VCD PLUS Driver

The board Aviosys VCD PLUS claims to want 3V, but was supplied with a 3xAA providing 4. My expectation was that one potentiometer would affect modulation depth, the other would affect modulation frequency with the switch choosing microphone or top RCA jack input. The bottom RCA jack would provide output.

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With the potentiometer turned right now, a lopped-off sine wave oscillation at about 9. Turning the potentiometer up to about half-way led us into Aviosys VCD PLUS — the oscillation first went into a clean sine wave before gradually fading away suggesting the oscillation was below unity gain and hence not self-sustaining. The frequency was also about Aviosys VCD PLUS.

Given this kind of modulation can easily be achieved in modern audio editors e.

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It was a little disappointing to have failed on Aviosys VCD PLUS first kit, however. Unlike the other kits, this one comes with two PCBs — one transmitter and one receiver. Like the previous kit, a single page leaflet details the design with rather clumsy English and a proper bill of materials and schematic.

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The use of MHz is more common, but it seems to be permitted e. Look at the staggered drill lines on those PCB pins — if we see this today, it would Aviosys VCD PLUS be considered a reject PCB due to off-centre drilling!

The PCB is also a nasty paper-type board, single-sided with silkscreening on the top. Aviosys VCD PLUS underside shows that there is a soldermask layer, but it is a varnished copper finish which is not as easy to solder to. The assembly is mainly of the components needed to generate and interpret the data stream to and from the radios.


The radios are supplied as a complete module, in their own shrink-wrap. These modules use a four pin header connection to the board, and apparently are pre-tuned. Unfortunately, a few legs were bent along the way, requiring some careful straightening. They were even nice enough to include zero-ohm resistors which could just be substituted with wire links — this is due to routing limitations of single-sided boards.

Aviosys VCD PLUS

Looking at the date codes on the ICs, it seems to be a mixture Aviosys VCD PLUS, ?? Despite being a larger and seemingly more complex kit, the kit still retained some educational-friendly features such as the wider than usual resistor spacing. I populated the components and the construction went relatively smoothly except for the issue of staggered holes. Nonetheless, everything did go in after some gentle persuasion. Despite the Aviosys VCD PLUS units requiring 9V batteries, the first thing they have is a linear 5V regulator, so I suspect bypassing it and powering from 5V is very much possible.

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Then, the radio modules need to be plugged into the headers. Powering both parts with 9V, pressing SW0 Aviosys VCD PLUS the transmitter causes the relay on the receiver to turn on and pressing SW1 causes the relay to turn off. Unfortunately, it seems that the radios may have suffered some de-tuning in their ageing and there is some oxidation in the contacts on the tactile switches as I was only able to get reliable operation up to about one Aviosys VCD PLUS and that is pressing hard onto the buttons.

An on-command pulse train looks as follows.

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As a result, the on command appears to be for a total of 25 bits with a majority of them potentially being preable. Holding the button down sees the command sequence being Aviosys VCD PLUS The repeated code is identical to the first.

Pressing the other button for Aviosys VCD PLUS off command results in a data train ofwith four bits of difference:. A closer look at the bit times seems to show each bit lasts uS with uS for short and uS for long states. The final kit in this post is the KD Educational Oscillator.


Taking it out of the bag, there is a Aviosys VCD PLUS, the PCB and a bag of components which have been heat-sealed and divided into categories. The leaflet is less-so an instruction leaflet but more of an educational one, which summaries the three circuit configurations on this PCB.

In room-temperature environments, this results in a strict maximum of about billion billion irreversible bit-operations that can be per- formed per Joule of energy consumed. This Aviosys VCD PLUS sound like a lot, but we are only Aviosys VCD PLUS a factor of 1,00, below this point. If past trends continue, we would expect to reach this point in only anoth- er 25 years, or so. To make reversible computing practical, there are many difficult engineering research problems that remain to be solved, such as the design of extreme- ly high-quality oscillators.

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