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3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 Driver

Spaceball C. Firmware Firmware version created on May Spaceball FLX. SPACEBALL Version 3Dconnexion GmbH 05/11/ 3Dconnexion C Free Driver Download for Windows XP, , NT4 - . World's most popular driver. JPG. 1) SpacemousePlusXT Serial (3DConnexion) JPG. 3) Spaceball C (HP) TRADE for #43 JPG. 4) Spaceball C (Spacetec).


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3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 Driver

The first spaceball arrived, wrapped in a single layer of bubble-wrap, packaged inside not one, but TWO unpadded, flat-rate USPS shipping envelopes. Not a box. Amazingly, it arrived intact and works fine.

Shipping Rating:: Pathetic The second spaceball arrived suspended inside its original shipping box, with plenty of crush-zones to protect it. The only way the seller 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 have done more, would have been to double-box it. But given the sturdiness of the original factory shipping box, that would have been overkill. I understand that not everyone can ship stuff in its original packaging, but they should be able to at least find 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 suitable box.

There is simply no excuse for using an envelope to ship such an item. Requires an external wall wart to supply power.


It also has an integrated button in the front face of 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 ball. Works perfectly and is in fantastic condition, considering its age. Physically the same design as the SBC, but black in color, and uses the same communication protocol as the SpaceOrb It is in remarkably 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 condition for its age, no doubt due to lack of use.

New in box! Serial gender adapters, original power supply, warranty card, and Spaceware v7. While this did come with an external power supply, it is no longer required with this model.

It can get all the power it needs directly from the serial port itself. Note the small zeroing button on the right side, and the lack of 'pick' button 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 the front face of the controller ball.

3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 Input Driver

All the way from Britain. I had been looking for one of these for some time, and could not find any. When found, it appeared to have had Mt.

Dew or some other sticky substance spilled over it. Careful disassembling and cleaning brought it back to top form.

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With it, I was able to verify the compatibility of the code in Blender for this model. The only 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 between this model and the older is the change to USB connector though there are serial models of the and the addition of a heavy ballast weight in the wrist rest. I knew 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 was not a true spacemouse, but it was a unique piece of hardware, it was still new-in-box, and the price was right.


It had so 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 untapped potential… it was truly ahead of its time. I nabbed this Traveler from eBay for about half the going rate, in an auction which had misspelled 3DConnexion and subsequently was not showing up under typical searches.

The Ever Expanding Collection - Spacemice

Still had the original box, and that wonderful hard-side travel case. It is surprising how small the Traveler is.

It is 2mm smaller than the current Navigator for Notebooks. While 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 are not strangers to eBay, that are typically found at 5 times that price. The SpaceOrb uses a different protocol from the other Spacemice and is not recognized in Spacenavd. However, it can be mounted as a 6DOF analog joystick via inputattach.

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In my book, functionality trumps form, so that did not bother me at all. Hoping to put it to use in reverse engineering the LCD display. There is very little information about it to be found on the internet.

Recently our line of 3D navigation devices has been expanded to four different devices at a variety of price points. Descriptions of our latest line of 3Dconnexion 3003C 2003 devices can also be found on this web site.

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