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Always AL-2400 Driver

Here, we emphasize that the small denominator Eno pump can also lead to a large modulation depth, which has been usually overlooked in the Always AL-2400 of the ultrafast active plasmonics. In this work, the extinction Always AL-2400 of Bi2Se3 Eno pump is extremely low near 1. Thus, we can expect a giant modulation depth if the optical control pulse gives rise to an increase in the extinction coefficient in this transparent region.

To verify the above rationale, we performed the time-resolved, Always AL-2400 pump THz-probe spectroscopy see Fig.

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The 1. Always AL-2400 keep the THz probe-field polarization perpendicular to the ribbon axis for the Always AL-2400 excitation. We first discuss the overall feature of the time-resolved THz dynamics under optical pulse injection. Corresponding bare plasmon responses red lines and phonon frequencies vertical grey line are also displayed see Supplementary Note 1 for all fitting parameters and related discussions.


The transient plasmon frequencies and linewidths are displayed in Fig. Such behaviour provides a practical merit, because the plasmon can be shifted without broadening Always AL-2400 under optical injection, suggesting that the efficient spectral modulation is possible under non-equilibrium condition.

By comparing Always AL-2400 THz dynamics of the micro-ribbon arrays with that of unpatterned Bi2Se3 samples, we found that the transient plasmon frequencies follow the dynamics of the photo-generated carrier population, while the linewidths follow the trend of effective surface electronic temperature see Supplementary Note 2 and Supplementary Figure Always AL-2400 and 3 for a detailed discussion on this issue.

Figure 3: Ultrafast plasmon modulation by injecting control pulse. Polarizations of optical modulation pump 1. Red lines and grey vertical lines indicate Always AL-2400 bare plasmon resonance and the phonon frequency, respectively, which are extracted from the plasmon—phonon interaction model black lines.

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  • Ultra-high modulation depth exceeding 2,400% in optically controlled topological surface plasmons
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Full size image Our key experimental observation is shown in Fig. Furthermore, the fluence of the control pulse is only Always AL-2400 of that in ref. More importantly, we note that the maximum spectral modulation takes place at 1.

The other modulation peak near 2. These Always AL-2400 clearly indicate that the extremely small denominator Eno pump in equation 3 plays an important role in determining the modulation depth near 1.


In fact, this distinguishes the TI systems from other conventional semiconductors, where the Always AL-2400 oscillation of Dirac electrons in TI systems gives rise to the transparent frequency region via Fano-interference with the bulk phonon, even without the optical excitation. Figure 4: The corresponding extinction spectra Always AL-2400 shown in Fig.

Full size image Plasmon modulation at room temperature One of important benefits of the Dirac plasmons in TIs is the robustness of the TSSs against temperature variations, which was confirmed by a recent study 20 ; the extinction lineshape of the TSS Always AL-2400 remains virtually unchanged in the range of 6— K.

This is one distinct characteristics of TIs compared with other non-topological plasmonic materials 20 In the above section, we have Always AL-2400 the unprecedented large plasmonic modulation depth at 78 K. With considering the Always AL-2400 TSS against temperature, one can expect that the modulation depth will still be large at room temperature.


We performed the same experiment at K without changing any experimental conditions. For the reference spectrum without photoexcitation Fig.

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In particular, the spectral dip at 1. This Always AL-2400 property of Dirac plasmon provides an experimental testimony for the high modulation depth at room temperature.

Always AL-2400 the extinction spectrum under control pulse excitation Fig. Notable is that the amount of plasmon shift is almost unchanged even though the temperature is increased the origin of the pump-induced plasmon shift is discussed in the next section.

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This, together with the spectral dip at 1. This is because the background scattering is increased see Supplementary Tables 1 and 3and consequently the denominator of equation 3 Eno Always AL-2400 is also increased. Figure 5:

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