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AUTRONIC Serial Port Driver

Dish39 Ebay Store New Product Arrivals Feedback Contact Us RS AUTRONIC ECU SERIAL PC TO JACK PROGRAM CABLE - FOR SM2 SM3 SM4 & EV For Autronic ECUs equipped with a RS Serial communication port, a serial communication port equipped PC running Autronic PC software. Autronic SMC is sequential 3D ECU available in three case styles, standard, The software is compatible with USB ports, when used with USB to serial adapter.


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AUTRONIC Serial Port Driver

The internal map sensor is available in 1bar absolute or 4. Available with high current low impedance or low current high impedance injector drivers.

Programmable Logic Controller

Considerable gains in power across the complete RPM AUTRONIC Serial Port can be achieved with these boards. Eurospec can supply fit and map any Autronic product. Call Us Is this true? Anyway, any help would be appreciated, as i really want to use my V DASH software and the data logging stuff on my new lap top.

The car is getting tuned next week after being off the road for two years! Any USB to Serial adapter will work - don't believe what you are hearing.

Any Windows XP laptop will work with this combination. Great choice of ECU by the way.

Thanks for the info guys! As you all say, its an awesome computer; im really happy with it.


Ill get the adapter then. I was just trying to save some coin thats all. We've found that the ATEN usb to serial to be the best runs everything we've tryed including autronic and datalogit.

AUTRONIC Serial Port for the info, but where would i get the 'Belikn' or 'aten' adapters? Just Dick Smith or any main stream electrical store like that, or are they more specialised than that? The Autronic forums will also have the info you need.


A gold mine of general Autronic info there as well. Highly recommended.


Dammit, i bought a Belkin before i read the rest of your replies! Oh well, im sure it will work too. It was a bitch finding one tho. Yep, for those wondering the same thing, the Belkin adapter works too! Im using cc injectors with in ex cams, this is stated as injectors and cam duraction plays a part in fuel economy. Im not sure what my AUTRONIC Serial Port comsumption is like yet; i just AUTRONIC Serial Port the car to the tuners today. It'll be interesting to find out though.

For Those With Autronic Ecu's; Some Help Please - Forced Induction Performance - SAU Community

Can you run closed loop on AUTRONIC Serial Port SMC? I bought the wide band oxy sensor so i can run closed loop on the SM4. Ive got cc injectors and standard cams at the moment. I did fowl the plugs on start up the other night, but i removed them and burnt off the carbon etc with a gas torch. It then started perfectly.

Is it possible to ruin plugs by fowling them with over rich mixtures? Risk of equipment damage exists.

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