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A*Note 548R Driver

The Confederate Note Case, 86 U.S. 548 (1873)

The Confederate Note Case, 86 U. Notes issued by the Confederate government having become the currency in which contracts were made and business conducted in the insurrectionary states during the recent civil war, and such notes having been designated by general custom as notes for so many "dollars," parol evidence is admissible, where suit A*Note 548R brought to enforce a contract payable in "dollars" and made during the war, to prove the above A*Note 548R of things being first shown-that the term "dollars," as used in the contract, meant in fact Confederate notes.


In the absence of such evidence, the presumption of law would be that by the term "dollars" A*Note 548R lawful currency of the United States was intended. Thorington v. Smith, 8 Wall.

The ordinance of North Carolina of declared that all existing contracts solvable in money, whether under seal or A*Note 548R, made after the depreciation of Confederate currency, before the 1st day of May,and then unfulfilled except official bonds, and penal bonds payable to the stateshould "be deemed to have been made with the understanding that they were solvable in money of the value of the said currency;" but at the same time provided that it should be "competent for either of the parties to show, by parol or other relevant testimony, what the A*Note 548R was in regard to the A*Note 548R of currency in which the same were solvable," and that in such case "the true understanding" should regulate the value of the contract.

Held, that the understanding of the parties might be shown from the nature of the transaction and the attendant circumstances as satisfactorily as from the language used, and particularly that it might be shown from the length of time during which the contracts had to run before maturing, A*Note 548R that accordingly when bonds of a railroad company were issued in May,payable at dates varying from seven to thirteen years afterwards, the inference was justified that the company intended at the A*Note 548R of issuing them that the bonds should be paid in lawful money instead of Confederate notes.

The interest payable on a bond issued as above-mentioned follows the character of the principal, and is payable in like A*Note 548R.

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Usury, as a defense, must be specially pleaded or set up A*Note 548R the answer to entitle it to consideration. Page 86 U.

The bonds were payable to the company last above mentioned or bearer, and were secured by a deed of trust of A*Note 548R railroad, buildings, and franchise of the company executed to Joseph Wilson and Anderson Mitchell. The deed stipulated that in case the company failed to pay the principal and interest on the bonds as they became due, the trustees should, upon request of the holders of the A*Note 548R or of their guarantor, proceed to sell A*Note 548R property, or so much thereof as might be necessary, and apply the proceeds of the sale to the payment of the bonds.

The Carolina National Bank, L. Childs, and C.

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With this request the trustees declined to comply, alleging as a reason that the parties differed as to the amount to be paid. The above-named holders of A*Note 548R bonds accordingly filed a bill in the court below against the two railroad companies and A*Note 548R trustees, Wilson and Mitchell, to enforce the execution of the trusts of the deed. In their answer, the railroad companies averred that they had at all times been and A*Note 548R were both able and ready to adjust their debt to the complainants upon a just basis of Page 86 U.

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By a convention assembled in North Carolina in October,an ordinance was on the 18th of that month adopted, bearing the title of "An ordinance declaring what laws and ordinances are in A*Note 548R, and for other purposes. The first was as follows: And whereas, in the opinion of A*Note 548R general assembly, no scale which will do justice to all sections of the state can be adopted, therefore.


Be it enacted that in all civil actions which may arise in courts of justice for debts contracted during the late war in which the nature of the obligation is not set forth nor the value of the A*Note 548R for which said debts were created is stated, it shall be admissible for either party to show on trial by affidavit or otherwise what was the consideration of the contract, and the jury in making up their verdict shall take the same into consideration and determine A*Note 548R value of said contract in present currency, in the particular locality in which it is to be performed, and render their verdict accordingly.

The following was one instance of several. The ward took the bonds and stock at their par value. This was less than one year from their date. A*Note 548R

86(R) SB - Introduced version - Fiscal Note

The treasurer, who countersigned these bonds, seemed never to have "understood" that they were to be charged as Confederate paper, and a subsequent treasurer stated that A*Note 548R view of the subject was never taken by the officers or Page 86 U. Prior to that time, under the supervision of the president, he had submitted his printed exhibits of the condition of the company, stating their bonds A*Note 548R liabilities at their "face value.

From A*Note 548R decree the defendants appealed to this Court. The company, in its answer, expresses a readiness to pay in legal currency the equivalent A*Note 548R the bonds if their values be estimated upon the assumption that the bonds were payable in Confederate notes.

In support of the position A*Note 548R by the company, and the trustees representing the company, reliance is placed A*Note 548R the decision of this Court in Thorington v. Smith, [ Footnote 1 ] and the ordinance of North Carolina of October,relating to contracts made during the war, and the Scaling Act of the state passed in The Treasury notes of the Confederate government were Page 86 U.

86(R) HB - House Committee Report version - Fiscal Note

Within a short period they became the principal currency in which business in its multiplied forms was there transacted. The simplest purchase of food A*Note 548R the market, as well as the largest dealings of merchants, were generally made in this currency. Contracts A*Note 548R made, not designed to aid the insurrectionary government, could not, therefore, without manifest injustice to the parties, be treated as invalid between them. Hence, in Thorington v.

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