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The driver has the option of deciding between four different modes: Maximum coverage - Tour Medium level of autonomy. Battery The battery is impressively easy to use.

Other features:. Drive System The drive complies with all road regulations and its compact design of the drive has the additional advantage in that it is attached to the bottom bracket gives the wheel an optimal center of gravity.

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The ride behavior in the SUB or the Sportster model is the same without the electric drive and is extremely agile, yet comfortable. E-Venture AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 E-Venture 30 Venture The Venture bikes are fully accessorised, street styling transportation. Fenders, racks, and lights ensure that you make it to your destination dry, with all your belongings, and safe day or night.

A no risk Venture.

Venture 10 Venture 20 Venture 30 Men Venture 40 Men Venture 40 Lady The FOIL, your next bike. Scott Aero Science is a dedicated AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 of engineers within the Scott organization, while committed to the Scientific Method, are charged with the task of innovating the most aerodynamic bicycles possible. They hypothesize beyond empirical thinking, experiment with new techniques to prove these hypotheses, and always produce data that can be reliably replicated.


To prove Scott Aero Science theories, they employ CFdesign software to test concepts virtually before validating designs in the wind tunnel with quantifiable data. AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 designs are additionally tested with mannequins, actual riders, and a number of other environmental variables to ensure that test results accurately reflect real world riding conditions. In the near future, round tube competition bikes will be abandoned in favor of a AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 more suitable for any situation a rider may encounter on the road, battling the elements.

The elements are always against you, the wind is trying to slow you, the climb is trying to break you, riders today need an advantage against AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 elements AND the competition. A combination of the three makes for the most complete balance of attributes for transforming rider input into acceleration.

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For fewer watts, the rider can maintain the same average speed, keeping them fresh for whatever effort is most AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61. The advantages span across Sprinting, Climbing and overall stage winning disciplines found in road racing. F01 Technology is based on the theory that a partial airfoil shape without the trailing edge can produce the same aerodynamic advantage as a traditional foil shape.

Modern foil shapes are largely based on models and ratios created for airplanes by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics NACAbut because bicycles attain speeds far less than those of airplanes, these ratios do not necessarily apply to bikes. Scott Aero Science engineers have thus developed F01 Technology to create unique, bicycle specific tube shapes which maximize aerodynamic efficiency at lower air AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61.

Every tube in the frame is oriented in relation to the leading edges of the down tube and head tube, as these are the AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 points of contact for any wind influence. The rear stays are oriented 4 degrees from the seat tube plane to route air from the front triangle around the rear triangle cleanly, and are constructed with a carbon layup that additionally results in vertical compliance.

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AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 construction adds lateral stiffness without increasing wall thickness, and the new bottom bracket mold disperses loads to effectively half the stress on this crucial junction. The shape of the down tube and bottom bracket carries seamlessly into the chain stays, further reducing turbulence and creating an additional aero benefit.

The top AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 borrows from prior Scott Aero Science work on the Plasma3 in that the head tube functions as the leading edge and the tube then gradually transitions in diameter along a horizontal plane all the way to the seat tube. The recessed, integrated seat clamp matches the top tube and seat tube shape, avoids creating turbulence, and conforms to our tail shape AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61. The fork and head tube junction represents an excellent balance between the constraints of creating an aero frame and the need for lateral stiffness in a Road Racing frame.

The fork most closely resembles a typical 3: Here are the facts: The FOIL provides benefits on mountain AND flat race stages and yields benefits for any rider by providing the perfect balance of aerodynamics, stiffness and weight. Foil 20 7.


Foil 15 7. CR1 The CR1 offers the perfect balance of performance and comfort.

TFO Impact Fly Rod - 5wt 9'0 4pc w Fly Credit Line nnqrkdOther Fishing -

AT TRILINE ALIVIO 61 Designed to absorb shock and vibration created by irregularities in the road, this concept results in a very smooth and stable ride, reducing rider fatigue and making any ride more enjoyable. The geometry of the CR1 is performance oriented, but the top tube and head tube lengths offer a more comfortable position than pure racing frames.


These areas have been specially constructed with regard to tube shape, dimension, and fiber layup to provide vertical compliance without sacrificing torsional stiffness.

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