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Asiliant 65550 VL Bus Driver

, , PCI BUS and VL BUS and download, unzip . I have also ended up at as C&T are now. Embedded-PCI is a trademark of VersaLogic Corp. PC/ and the PC/ logo are . PC/Plus Bus Configuration. . A single Asiliant Technologies VGA controller chip provides VESA-standard VGA and. شماره قطعه, شرح مفصل, تولید کنندگان. F, DC Drive Characteristics, Asiliant Technologies. FB, VL-Bus / etc, Digital.


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Asiliant 65550 VL Bus Driver

Jump to: It represents the frame buffer of some video hardware and allows application software to access the graphics hardware through a well-defined interface, so the software doesn't need to know anything about the low-level hardware register stuff.

Frame buffer devices work identically across the different architectures supported by Linux and make the implementation of application programs easier and more portable; at Asiliant 65550 VL Bus point, an X server exists which uses the frame buffer device exclusively. On several non-X86 architectures, the frame buffer device is the only way to use the graphics hardware.


You need an utility program called fbset to make full Asiliant 65550 VL Bus of frame buffer devices. Say Y here and to the driver for your graphics board below if you are compiling a kernel for a non-x86 architecture. If you are compiling for the x86 architecture, you can say Y if you want to play with it, but it is not essential.

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Please note that running graphical applications that directly touch the hardware e. If unsure, say N. In general, choosing Y for this option is safe. If you experience extremely long delays while booting before you get something on your display, try setting this to N. Matrox cards in combination with certain motherboards and monitors are known to suffer from this problem. This is used by drivers that don't provide their own Asiliant 65550 VL Bus version.

This is used by drivers that don't provide their own accelerated version and the framebuffer is in system RAM. Little-Endian framebuffer on a Big-Endian machine. Most probably you don't have such hardware, so it's safe to say "n" here.

A few drivers rely on this feature Asiliant 65550 VL Bus as the radeonfb, rivafb, and the ifb. If your driver does not take advantage of this feature, choosing Y will just increase the kernel size by about 5K.

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Tile blitting is a drawing technique where the screen is divided into rectangular sections tileswhereas the standard blitting divides the screen Asiliant 65550 VL Bus pixels. Because the default drawing element is a tile, drawing functions will Asiliant 65550 VL Bus passed parameters in terms of number of tiles instead of number of pixels. For example, to draw a single character, instead of using bitmaps, an index to an array of bitmaps will be used.

To clear or move a rectangular section of a screen, the rectangle will be described in terms of number of tiles in the x- and y-axis. This is particularly important to one driver, matroxfb. If you have a PCI-based system, this enables support for these chips: Say N unless you have such a graphics board or plan to get one before you next recompile the kernel.

The driver was tested on the following cards: The module will be called amba-clcd. The native resolution is x The LogicPD device includes an The native resolution is x The driver will select the highest frequency available that is lower than the maximum allowed. The panel may flicker if the Asiliant 65550 VL Bus rate is slower than the recommended minimum. Say Y if you have a NetWinder or a graphics card containing this device, otherwise say N.

To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: If you intend to run Linux on Asiliant 65550 VL Bus of these systems, say Y; otherwise say N. This driver was tested with a x64 panel. If you anticipate using this driver, say Y or M; otherwise say N.


Say Y if you have such a card. It Asiliant 65550 VL Bus safe to enable this option, so you should probably say "Y". It can also take advantage of VBE 3. This driver generally provides more features than vesafb but requires a userspace helper application called 'v86d'. The older VESA 1. You will get a boot time penguin logo at no additional cost. If unsure, say Y.


If the firmware on your platform is EFI 1. As this card technology is 15 years old, most people will answer N here.

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