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ADDI-DATA PA2200 Driver

First of all the influence of the additives on the characteristic temperatures of melting and crystallization is analyzed by means of DSC.


Context in source publication Context The optimal part bed temperature for the doped material was derived by ADDI-DATA PA2200. Therefore thin single layers were build while the part bed temperature was increased step-by-step until no more ADDI-DATA PA2200 effect shrinkage induced by residual stress could be observed.

The influence of laser parameters on the part properties especially density and tensile strength of the fabricated tensile bars were investigated using the parameters shown in Table 1. All tensile bars were build with applying scale factors for compensation ADDI-DATA PA2200 inherent shrinkage during cooling.

After the fabrication process the samples were removed from the part ADDI-DATA PA2200 and cleaned from remnants of the powder. Therefore pressurised air and 10 minutes stay in an ultrasonic water bath were applied to the samples. Furthermore the influence of ADDI-DATA PA2200 part orientation during the sintering process and its consequences on the surface quality and following metallization process were analyzed by cuboid test specimens Fig.

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These specimens were manufactured with parameter set 1 see Table 1. Because of the fact that SLS parts typically have a rough surface after-treatment techniques were investigated to reduce the steplike structure which is dedicated by the sintering process. The surface quality can be improved by abrasive techniques like grinding, polishing and blasting ADDI-DATA PA2200 only the last one is appropriate for processing complex parts like 3D-MID prototypes [12].

The used fabrication parameters are listed in Table 2. Another technique used for improving the surface quality and preventing unintentional metal ADDI-DATA PA2200 was the infiltration of the SLS parts with protective paint.

ADDI-DATA PA2200 This infiltration paint is a special ADDI-DATA PA2200 galvano-resist paint which can be used for electronics. For the fabrication of the circuit traces the metallization bath Enthone Cu was used. First of all the particle distribution and the porosity of the tensile bars were observed by micrographs.


Secondly, the density of the tensile ADDI-DATA PA2200 was investigated. Therefore dried tensile bars were weighted and dimensions were obtained using callipers. Each measuring point ADDI-DATA PA2200 in Fig. The part density was found by dividing weight m of parts by volume v, which is given by the external dimensions.


Despite the density the mechanical properties of the manufactured ADDI-DATA PA2200 were investigated by tensile tests according to ISO For the tests five tensile bars per material and per ADDI-DATA PA2200 were tested and interpreted by the measured tensile strength. The cross-sectional area of the tensile bars which has to be known for stress calculation was developed from the averaged part thickness t and the averaged width w 1 see Fig.

Besides the density and mechanical properties the surface roughness of the generated specimens see Fig.

For this purpose the surface quality of the specimens was qualitatively investigated by micrographs ADDI-DATA PA2200 SEM pictures. The quantitative characterization of the specimens according to DIN was done by means of the contact profilometer MarTalk.

Calculation of the surface roughness depth R z according to DIN EN ISO 4287 [13]

A profilometer is a measuring instrument that moves a diamond stylus vertically in contact with a sample and measures the surface profile as a function of position. For all samples the surface texture was measured three times under ADDI-DATA PA2200 conditions shown ADDI-DATA PA2200 Table 3.

The target ADDI-DATA PA2200 of the surface quality analysis in this paper is the surface roughness depth R z see Equ. Each R zi -value represents the sum from the height of the highest profile peak and the depth of the lowest profile valley with the sampling length l. ADDI-DATA PA2200

PCI relay board APCI-2200

ADDI-DATA PA2200 For the laser sintering and laser activation process a homogenous particle distribution is important. In relation to the pure raw material Fig. The SiO 2 encapsulated aluminum particles with an average size ADDI-DATA PA2200 1. This behavior shown in Fig.

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Agglomerations of activator particles ADDI-DATA PA2200 hardly observed so that the doped powder can be contemplated as homogenously mixed. Besides the particle distribution the thermal melting and crystallization behavior of the SLS powder defines the processability. ADDI-DATA PA2200 DSC curves pictured in Fig.


For PA the melting temperature T m is The ascertained crystallization temperature T c varies between Besides the two characteristic ADDI-DATA PA2200 also the enthalpies for melting and crystallization which are defined by the amount ADDI-DATA PA2200 the heat during the thermal transmission can almost be regarded as equal.

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