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AMS HART Modem Interface Driver

In the instrument shop, a HART Field Communicator can be used to When using the AMS Device Manager's graphical interface, the Join Key. HART modem is compatible with various software (e.g. ElMetro-HART, AMS, and enables to configurate connected devices via HART or RS interface. We've been working with HART® devices and instrument configuration systems for over 20 years! such as Emerson's AMS package provides full use of the HART® protocol, Softing mobiLink HART / Fieldbus / Profibus PA Mobile Interface.


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AMS HART Modem Interface Driver

Configuring a Device to Join the Network Ideally, wireless devices should be powered up in order of proximity from the gateway, beginning with the closest. This will result in a simpler and faster network installation.

Users should enable Active Advertising on the gateway to ensure new devices join the network faster. Unlike wired devices, each wireless device can be pre-commissioned to join a network as soon as its process connections are complete. The process AMS HART Modem Interface do this is very simple and requires only a few basic configuration parameters. Joining a Device to a Network To communicate with the gateway, and ultimately the host system, the WirelessHART device must be configured to communicate over the wireless network.

This step is the wireless equivalent of connecting wires from a field device to the host system. Two configuration parameters are required: Join Key A bit security key is used to authenticate AMS HART Modem Interface field devices when joining the network, including encryption of the join request. A common Join Key may be used among all devices on a given network, or each device may have a unique join key.


The Join Key information is displayed in hexadecimal format via a web browser or a handheld communicator, AMS HART Modem Interface in a character hexadecimal field. Join Key Management The gateway Administrator can configure the Join Key to be a single key for all devices in the network, or unique per device. A Common Join Key is only visible to the Administrator on the gateway.

Individual Join Keys are invisible to all users.

WirelessHART Field Device Installation and Configuration

Only the Administrator can change the Join Key s. A Common or Individual Join Key can be changed in the gateway at any time. AMS HART Modem Interface an Emerson or handheld communicator to configure device Join Keys allows for a large deployment of devices to be completed quickly, and for the Join Key s to be changed afterward.

This protects the network from a malicious hacker or a careless insider.

Update Rates The user-specified interval at which a wireless field device will detect a measurement and transmit the measurement to the gateway is the AMS HART Modem Interface or sample rate. The update rate has the largest impact on power module life, with frequent update rates depleting power module life quickly, and vice versa.

HART® Protocol Modems – Microflex

The update rate is independent of the radio transmissions required for mesh peer-to-peer communication, hopping via multiple devices to transmit a measurement back to the gateway, and communications from the host system to the wireless field device via the gateway Wireless field devices may have one of three power options: InLink-TC interfaces AMS HART Modem Interface standard 3. Super soft black faux fur interior lining. Front pouch is unlined. Side clip on left and a pen holder on the right side.

Connected devices could be powered by AMS HART Modem Interface built-in power supply unit with overload protection. Galvanic isolation between interfaces: Built-in load resistance.


Up to 5 sensors could be powered simultaneously in multipoint mode. Compatible with various software: Ingress Protection Rating: Ambient temperature: Single point has full functionality, but it only does AMS HART Modem Interface setup saveable, restoreable at a time. To do another, close it down and open it up again.

I found I had to read the installation instructions point by point, it demands a particular install sequence. It uses the dreaded floppy license and I've lost a license when AMS HART Modem Interface laptop died, because the license couldn't be retrieved from the laptop harddrive. Hazard of using Siemens.

The operation is Teutonically non-intuitive and frustrating in the connection phase:

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