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Asus Eee PC 1002HA Driver

all PC makers are in the netbook market with machines of their own. Specifically, we are looking at the ASUS Eee HA netbook that. Introduction. Eee PC from ASUS is a series of small laptops (called “netbooks” by the manufacturer) coming with an unbeatable price tag, being. ASUS EEE PC HA REPLACEMENT LAPTOP LCD SCREENS FROM $ Make sure that new replacement screen has same SIZE, RESOLUTION.


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Asus Eee PC 1002HA Driver

The only notable holdout is Apple. Today we are going to look at a netbook from ASUS, the company that started the netbook revolution. Specifically, we are looking at the ASUS Eee HA netbook that has a very slick design and some great Asus Eee PC 1002HA that shoppers looking for a netbook will want to take notice of. The HA isn't a perfect netbook, but it comes dangerously close to being the best netbook in the land.

When you remove the SODIMM memory module from its packaging hold it by the edges, try Asus Eee PC 1002HA to touch the gold colored contacts as this can damage the memory. Insert a new memory module into the memory slot at an angle of approximately 30 degrees aligning it to the angle of the memory slot. Memory modules are designed with a notch to prevent incorrect insertion into the memory module slot.

If the memory does not fit easily, push the memory module down while puling the memory module Asus Eee PC 1002HA outward. Before you close your case, replace the battery. Slide the battery into the battery bay and gently push until the battery locks in place as illustrated below. Test it.

How to Upgrade RAM Memory of the ASUS Eee PC 1002HA Netbook – a Complete Guide

Turn your computer back on. There is no hardware or software including BIOS setup required after the memory is installed.

The memory capacity reported in Windows might be less than the actual capacity of memory. This is because BIOS or the onboard graphics might use a portion of memory or claim it for further use. If everything works correctly, you are done and you can close your case.


If you have any problems, go to step 15 for troubleshooting tips. If you have trouble with your new RAM, check these things first. Check the power cords.


Is everything plugged in Asus Eee PC 1002HA The continuous mouse button, instead of two separate parts, is also made of chrome. The other parts of this netbook are black and made of high-gloss plastic parts, which let the screen look noble.

The aluminum surface the palm rests and the lid are made of is nearly insensitive to dust and dirt, like, e. But, the display frame is, because of its high-gloss surface, very sensitive in this regard.


If you often open, close or readjust the opening angle, this part requires frequent cleaning. We are very satisfied with the stability of the case.

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It and also the lid is very resistant against punctual force. Although the lid slightly gives, this can be neglected compared to other netbooks or notebooks. Even scrutinizing the case, we did not find any sharp edges or corners.

RAM & SSD Upgrades ASUS Eee PC HA Crucial IN

If at all only the stability of the part between keyboard and display can be criticized. Because this one centimeter wide part is made of plastic and slightly gives upon punctual pressure in the middle, it cannot keep up with the stability of the aluminum parts. Nevertheless, the two hinges Asus Eee PC 1002HA quite well, and hold the display stable in the adjusted position. The luffing is thereby rather limited and also picking the Asus Eee PC HA up at the completely open lid is no problem.

Because of its size this mini notebook does not need a complicated or possibly Asus Eee PC 1002HA locking mechanism.

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