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Asus 1001P Eee PC Driver

A slick design, roomy keyboard, and long battery life make this netbook an excellent value. The Eee PC™ P is not only beauty outside with elegant seashell design, but also matches with its power inside as energy efficiency. It features the new. This page provides reviews and other infos about the Asus Eee PC P of the series Eee PC laptop.


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Asus 1001P Eee PC Driver

The P scored on Geekbench, which is about 50 points higher than the netbook average, and practically equal to the Asus 1001P Eee PC Inspiron Mini Overall, the Eee PC P held up well when performing everyday computing tasks. Conducting video calls over Skype while surfing the Web with multiple tabs open didn't cause any system hang-ups. Most applications, like Internet Explorer and WordPad, opened rapidly.

Graphics and Video Performance The Intel GMA integrated graphics chip delivered a score of on 3DMark06, which falls about 70 points shy of the category average.

A downloaded high-definition p video clip played back smoothly with no hiccups. Like other Atom N netbooks, streaming video from the Web was decent, but not ideal; video stuttered occasionally at full screen.

If you want to watch Flash content comfortably, get a netbook equipped with either an Nvidia Ion graphics Asus 1001P Eee PC like the HP Mini or Broadcom's video accelerator like certain configurations of the latest Dell Inspiron Mini We also transcoded a 5: Battery Life While it doesn't achieve the epic hours-andminute battery life of the PE-P which has a mAh batterythe P which has a mAh battery is no slouch when it comes to endurance, clocking in at 8: Still, both speeds are about Asus 1001P Eee PC This environment has options for an instant-messaging client, online games, photos, Skype, and the Web.

The Splashtop Gaming portal lets you choose from a number of basic titles.

ASUS Eee PC 1001P SeaShell Review

The P booted to the OS in 8 seconds; after configuring our Asus 1001P Eee PC settings a second processthe browser launched in about Asus 1001P Eee PC seconds. Eee Docking Software More than any other netbook maker to date, ASUS goes the farthest in providing software and utilities that add to a netbook's utility as a second system.

Most of the apps on the P are accessible through the Eee Docking bar, which is centered along the top of the desktop though you can change its placement in the Docking Setting menu within the Eee Tools menu. So what's the point of the P?

Asus Eee PC P: Our Favorite Netbook

Laptop Mag A slick design, roomy keyboard, and long battery life make this netbook an excellent value. Not only does the P pleasingly avoid fingerprints, but the keyboard feels larger, too.

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Netbooklive As you can see from the pros and cons above, Asus 1001P Eee PC P is a mix-up of good and not so good parts. Thus, it would be perfect for a kid, an older person or if you need a portable device for harsher conditions. The matte textured body also helps, as provides better grip and is less prone to damage over time. Thus, the Asus P offers decent performances, reliability and autonomy, all for a very good price: Despite the new technology, manufacturers have not dared Asus 1001P Eee PC put the prices up.

Eee PC P (Seashell) Driver & Tools Laptops ASUS USA

So how much netbook do you get for so little money? Our first impressions from the quality of workmanship and the matt display seem to point in the right direction. Is the P the perfect travelling companion for every situation?


Find the answer to this question and more in our review. We opted for the smart white colour, to test how dirt-resistant the matt plastic surfaces are. After all, the inch P can sit quite literally on the palm of your hand. Sweat, grease and moisture will quickly find their way onto the matt underside and patterned matt top. Anyone who has looked closely at their keyboard or mouse after a year of use will know how plastic surfaces can become yellowed with dirt over time. We tried using the Asus 1001P Eee PC with deliberately dirty hands.

The underside is particularly liable to Asus 1001P Eee PC up dirt.


Asus 1001P Eee PC is not easily avoided if the netbook is to be used on the go, since the case always has to be picked up and carried around. But the real problem is not that it gets dirty, as this happens to all notebooks to a greater or lesser extent.

Asus Eee PC 1001P

What is problematic is the cleaning. A polishing cloth, of the sort that is included with many high-gloss laptops, does not work very well on a matt surface. But on the other hand it should be noted that the lid and palm rest area, Asus 1001P Eee PC are covered with a textured pattern, are more resistant to dirt than the underside. A nice improvement on the netbook compared to the last Seashell is the return of an easy-access RAM cover.

If you want Asus 1001P Eee PC upgrade the RAM in your P, just remove one screw on the access panel on the bottom of the netbook. Even with its matte finish, the display offers excellent color saturation and contrast. The screen resolution is small at xthough I prefer a resolution of x

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