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Asus VivoPC VM40B USB 3.0 Driver

(“ASUS”). ASUS PROVIDES THIS MANUAL “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS . VivoPC. Chapter 3: Memory upgrade. This chapter provides you with The USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports are compatible. Asus VivoPC VM40B - Celeron U - 4GB RAM - GB HDD - Win8 Intel Celeron U, GHz; 4GB DDR3 / GB HDD; 2 x USB / 4 x USB Buy online spare parts for Asus Vivo PC VM40B. You can The VM40B is a mini computer designed for multimedia activities, and running on 2 USB ports


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Asus VivoPC VM40B USB 3.0 Driver

I ran 3DMark Vantage to see just how well it performs from a graphics perspective, since it doesn't have a dedicated graphics adapter. You can see in the screenshot below some of the details of the test together with the results.

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The Asus VivoPC VM40B USB 3.0 of the 3DMark Vantage is that, as you might have expected, VivoPC VM60 is good for casual games but it can't handle games that require a strong video card. Using the Blend test for one hour, the VivoPC did not encounter any crashes, but the CPU temperature rose to a maximum of degrees Celsius, while its maximum allowable temperature is set to degrees Celsius.

Quite hot! Of course, this is a stress test designed to push the limits of the CPU and test its stability. It is unlikely that you will ever get to that temperature level in a daily use scenario.

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What is worth keeping in mind is that the CPU reached degrees Celsius in less than 15 minutes. However, as soon as Asus VivoPC VM40B USB 3.0 stopped the stress test, it took around 3 minutes for the CPU to cool down and reach its normal operating temperature - around 60 degrees Celsius. A fairly high temperature for an idle CPU, I would say, but this is the price you pay for such a small PC with little cooling possibilities.

Its elegant and stylish design, small size, relatively small weight and wall mounting possibility make it ideal for a living room PC connected to a large screen, for example. You also have the option of streaming content to your smartphone or tablet. If you are looking for a replacement for your old desktop and you are not a big fan of computer games, ASUS Asus VivoPC VM40B USB 3.0 VM60 is a great option to take into account, especially when thinking Asus VivoPC VM40B USB 3.0 the amount of space you will be saving on your desk.


Windows Update is an essential part of running Windows 10, regardless of which edition or version of this operating system you are using. Windows Update is the way Microsoft releases not only the so-called feature updates, but also regular bug fixes and security patches. If you Asus VivoPC VM40B USB 3.0 to know everything there is to know about Windows Update in Windows 10, including how to open it, how to use it, how to install or how to block updates, read this guide:.

This indicates sections that you can r efer. Y our V ivoPC package contains the follo wing items:. T echnical documentations. Getting to know y our V ivoPC.

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The remov able top cov er allows you ac cess to the hard disk. Befor e removing the t op coverturn. This indicator lights up when y our VivoPC is accessing the.

The air vents on the left side allow cooler air t o enter your. For optimum heat dissipa tion and air. P ower butt on. The power butt on allows you t o turn the Viv oPC on or.

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Y ou can also press the pow er button once to put y our. Viv oPC to sleep mode.


The built-in memory card reader enables your PC to r ead. The top co ver lock latch fastens the t op cover on y our. The Kensington security slot allows you t o secure your.

USB allows man y. Line -in por t.


The line-in por t allows you to connect an external audio. The microphone jack is designed t o connect the.

The air vents on the r ear allow warm air to exit the VivoPC. The supplied power adapt er conv erts AC power to DC.

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