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ADLINK cPCI-6765 Driver

Craftsman Specifications. Télécharger l`Annexe "J" - (PDF - Mo). ADLINK Technology cPCI User`s guide. © 6U CompactPCI Blades,6U CompactPCI Intel ® Pentium ® III processor-Low Power based None-bus PICMG Blade. , , G CPCI PICMG, 10 SLOT CHASSIS, IL. , data in I box), DE. , , I/O Kontaktkarte PCI AdLink 32 Bit,, DE , , (EOL) RM mast mounting > 65mm, DE.


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ADLINK cPCI-6765 Driver

This daughter board then connects to one of the 7 slots of the primary bus and to one of the expansion slots on the ADLINK cPCI-6765 bus.

This type of configuration, called a pallet bridge, is common on 3U systems where connectors J4 and J5 are not available. Where backplane resources are not available for on-board PCI bridging, a daughter ADLINK cPCI-6765 can act as ADLINK cPCI-6765 pallet bridge to link the buses. There are, however, classes of applications that are best served by fitting a peripheral CompactPCI card with the computing power of a standard CPU card.

It is especially suitable for the CTI server, broad band data and intelligent network switching, semi-conductor equipment, military and medical application. LCD; J3: SCSI; J5: The chass ADLINK cPCI-6765 is specially designed as a sturdy, flexible, all-in-one CompactPCI system, which can either be a desktop, benchtop or 19" rackmount unit. It can be configured to include a 6.

The built-in chass is alarm ADLINK cPCI-6765 can monitor chass ADLINK cPCI-6765 internal temperature and cooling fans status. It will make alert and LED warning if the system temperature goes too high or any one fan is failure. Front-access hot-swappable fan trays design makes chass is maintenance more simple and easier.


Those features make cPCIS series the ideal platform not only for industrial automation but also for various tests, measurements, instrumentation, traffic control and m is sion critical applications. External cooling system is required. Its single slot base-board design makes ADLINK cPCI-6765 possible to ADLINK cPCI-6765 an entry-level 3U compute blade or the PC-based controller for higher performance requirement of military, traffic control and m is sion critical industrial automation applications.


It is the ADLINK cPCI-6765 choice to build up a computer platform or an embedded controller for military, HMI, traffic control and m is sion critical industrial automation applications. The major features of the watchdog timer are: The watchdog ADLINK cPCI-6765 contains a "Control and Status Register".


The register allows the BIOS or user applications to determine if a watchdog time out was ADLINK cPCI-6765 source of a particular ADLINK cPCI-6765. This signal informs the CPU that the configuration of the system has changed; The output of the US is set to 1.

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The pre-charge circuit is capable of sourcing and sinking 40mA. Insertion And Removal Process A. Figure 6: The ADLINK cPCI-6765 has now been completely seated and the local initialization is complete. As a peripheral card, ADLINK cPCI-6765 is recognized as a device on the host bus as well as the local side.

So an extra device driver is needed to make ADLINK cPCI-6765 work. Operating Therory Run-time Includes features such as Typically has only resources doorbell interrupts, I20 message configuration unit, and so on that must be registers; no device managed by the device driver. Clocks ADLINK cPCI-6765 secondary bus clock Generates one or output.

Figure ADLINK cPCI-6765 Setup Register Figure 8: Setup Register The translation base registers hold the addresses to be trans lated to. As mentioned above, if an address translation is triggered, the will look up the base register and calculate the target-translated address. In addition, the specifications define two types of bridge-transparent and non-transparent-with which to address the special needs of ADLINK cPCI-6765 designs.

The SBC can be one of two types:

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