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Arbor BPC-3210 Driver

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Arbor BPC-3210 Driver

Tungsten carbide brazed tip for heat resistance Hardened steel body with flute for effective debris Arbor BPC-3210 Drills holes in concrete and masonry. All sizes have removable and replaceable feed screws Feed screw provides fast, effortless even in gummy Arbor BPC-3210 Inside cutting plane shaves hole radius for clean, smooth holes without pressure.

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For concrete Fine finishing on concrete, rounding edges Flint concrete, hard rock Screed, tile adhesive Removing coatings on concrete, rendering and screed. Hard Materials Arbor BPC-3210 blades are designed for fast, smooth cutting giving good edge finish on hard materials.

For General purpose building materials Medium house bricks Concrete slabs Medium limestone Concrete with medium to soft aggregates. Mortar Raking Blades All blades are fully protected against Arbor BPC-3210.


Abrasive Concrete. Very abrasive concrete blocks For abrasive materials side protection is always designed as a feature of the Arbor BPC-3210, either as tungsten carbide inserts or graduated segments For.


Asphalt All asphalt blades are fitted with T. EVT Sanitary HPS may be used for sealing in sanitary areas and in air-conditioning and ventilation Arbor BPC-3210 applications.

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It may also be used for sealing between profile glass and glass brick elements and on windows with PVC and metal frames. Areas of Application EVT Natural Arbor BPC-3210 HPM may be used for sealing on marble and other natural stones in sanitary areas and for other interior and exterior sealing applications.

Arbor BPC-3210 be used for exterior sealing construction joints. Suitable for lead, wood aluminium and conservatories Conforms to industry standards. Areas of Application EVT Multi Purpose MP has good adhesion on many common building materials and is used for sealing joints in construction and general purpose applications such as glazing roofing, ceramic tiling, woodworking, decorating and flooring.

Free of silicone, isocyanate and solvent Durable Arbor BPC-3210, high modulus, super adhesive Very good adhesion on almost every surface Fast curing, No Shrinkage Resistant to UV radiation, weather, sea water, fluid, mould and chlorine non-ageing, weatherproof.

Areas of Application: Multipurpose fill Arbor BPC-3210 joint sealant for connecting joints, cracks, wholes, Arbor BPC-3210. Universal waterproof construction adhesive for bonding of stone nonporousconcrete, mirrors, natural stone, gypsum board, polycarbonates, PS, PU, PVC and several plastics, ceramic tiles, email, cupper, led, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel,trespa, wood, glass, etc. For carrossories and metal surfaces, for bonding metal to metal can absorb vibrations.

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Arbor BPC-3210 Acrylic BPAc may be used for the sealing of joints and connection joints not subject to significant movement - between plaster, concrete, stone Arbor BPC-3210 brickwork, anodised aluminium, cement, PVC and wood. EVT HPPU may be used for the sealing of interior and exterior expansion and connecting joints in civil engineering and connecting joints on windows and doors. PVA Bond High performance sealer, primer and dust proofer, with good durability Improves adhesion and reduces cracking in cements and plaster.

Mitre Fast Kit Mitre Fast Bonding Kit is a two Arbor BPC-3210 instant adhesive system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive and aerosol activator Mitre fast is mainly used in the furniture, timber, kitchen Arbor BPC-3210 plastics industries where itsinstant bonding properties dramatically reduces assembly times for mitre joints when compared to conventional wood adhesives.

Finishing compound is used for embedding joint tape, finishing gypsum panel jointsand for hand-applied simple texturing.


Also recommended for skim Arbor BPC-3210 gypsum panel surfaces, laminating and repairing cracks in interior plaster and masonry not subject to moisture. For drywall interiors and exteriors that permit same-day joint finishing and, usually, next-day decoration Compounds are lightweight Arbor BPC-3210 easy handling and sand easily for fast, smooth finishing They are ideal for heavy fills and are virtually unaffected by humidity They provide low shrinkage and superior bond.


Available in sizes 80mm to mm Code. L shaped wall ties available in Galvanised and Stainless Steel For restraining masonry to new or existing structures, and for Arbor BPC-3210 in nonstructural elements frames etc. Stainless Steel Double Triangle wall ties Place across cavity and tie two skins by embedding in mortar Includes drip to allow Arbor BPC-3210 to run off.

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