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ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W Driver

ADS Pyro PlatinumDV - video capture adapter - PCI overview and full product specs on CNET. adapter - PCI Specs. Model APIW. ADS Pyro PlatinumDV. ADS Technologies, Inc. API WLP Pyro DV Pyro PlatinumDV for Notebooks WLP ADVANSYS PCI OHCI Compliant IEEE Host Controller (SD) WLP SiS //M/ Compatible. ADS also announced the PYRO PlatinumDV with PCI host card bundled with the full The MedioStream SDK supports full-resolution DV and MPEG-2 x resolution on a Pentium III , transcode full DV to MPEG-1 on a PIII


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ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W Driver

See also ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W to DVD -- DVD ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W Easier How's this for realizing the promise of digital video -- combine a DV camcorder for capturing digital video clips with a DVD burner for saving digital video productions, and you have the possibility of an end-to-end all-digital video solution on your computer! DV tape in to DVD disc out.

Sounds great, but how real is the promise? The pieces are coming together this year: But this part of the problem is being cracked, as personal computers have gotten fast enough to perform real-time DV-to-MPEG-2 conversion, or transcoding, in software. All of this means that all the pieces are finally coming together to realize the dream of end-to-end digital video processing on the desktop. After all, they're both compressed digital video, full-resolution x and full-rate, and even start with the same two letters.


But they are significantly different formats, ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W for very different purposes. The DV compression format was designed as a capture and editing format for use in devices like camcorders. It uses a fixed data rate, which makes sense when you are writing to or reading from a video tape. DV therefore uses "intraframe" compression, in which each frame is compressed independently of each other.

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As a result, while DV format is great for editing since there is relatively light compression on each frame, ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W data size is much larger than more aggressive compression formats. The DV format uses 25 Mb million bits or 3. That can fill up a disk quickly! By comparison, the MPEG-2 compression format was designed as an efficient delivery format for pre-recorded video.

ADS Pyro PlatinumDV - video capture adapter - PCI Specs - CNET

It supports variable data rates, so you can tune ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W amount of compression, trading off quality against data size, to match the type of material and target storage medium. To compress more aggressively, MPEG-2 uses "interframe" compression, in which some of the frames are compressed independently like DVbut most of the frames are compressed by using information from the previous and even following frames.

This can provide big savings in compression size, especially when large portions of the background remain relatively unchanged from frame to frame. However, the trade-off is that the video is much less suited for editing, since it is compressed more heavily, especially ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W in-between frames. Most DVD formats now hold 4. Now, that's more reasonable.

Even worse, all that decompression and recompression would have required significant processing time and mass quantities of disk space, to store the original DV video, plus the raw uncompressed video, and then for the recompressed MPEG-2 video. Link by Sony also has made the whole video capture process much easier.

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Before, with analog input, your capture board performed the analog to digital conversion, and often some form of compression, which meant the quality of the captured video was very dependent on the quality and the cost of the board. And taking full advantage of a high-end analog capture board also often locked you into a specific video editing application that had custom software to interface to the ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W.


Now, with DV camcorders, the analog to digital conversion is done in the camcorder as you shoot the video, so the data stored on the DV tape is all digital. There is actually no "capture" involved. ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W better, is a generic interface, already implemented in inexpensive hardware chip sets.

This mean you can install one inexpensive adapter card and expect it to work with most DV devices and DV video software applications. This technology is still new, though, so before you buy be sure to double-check the ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W between the adapter, video editing software, and DV camcorder.

For example, ADS Technologies www. These products often include basic video editing software, and can work on both PC and Macintosh platforms.

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Editing Tools The latest releases of many video-editing tools also now support direct DV capture and editing. If you are shopping for new hardware or software look for good bundling deals.

For example, Adobe is now bundling the full version of Premiere 6. MedioStream CAMpeg RT You need video editing tools if you are creating a traditional video production from a collection of clips, as a linear story using techniques like ADS PlatinumDV PCI API-650W and audio transitions and effects. But what if you want to make a quick interactive presentation out of the clips, and present it on DVD?

Then you need a different kind of tool -- a DVD authoring tool to create the interactive menus and navigation paths.


And you also want to work directly with MPEG-2 video format, without the processing and storage overhead of converting from the DV format.

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