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Alesis Micron Driver

The Micron boasts the same analog modeling sound engine as the acclaimed Alesis Ion, offering breakthrough analog realism, high-resolution control, and. Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing, ✅ FREE Shipping, and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Alesis micron! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Alesis Micron Keyboard Synthesizer at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many.


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Alesis Micron Driver

The Micron's three-octave keyboard feels light and springy, offering velocity and release velocity action, but sadly no aftertouch. Alesis Micron

Alesis Micron

Performance controls are limited to three assignable degree knobs labelled x, Alesis Micron, and za horizontal pitch-bender complete with glowing backlighting and two horizontal assignable sliders, labelled m1 and m2. The sideways action of the wheel and sliders takes a little getting used to, but I did warm to them, and they feel durable enough to withstand Alesis Micron of wiggling.

The opaque plastic Control knob is Alesis Micron Micron's focal point. Around it is a ring of tiny buttons that represent the five available modes.


Alesis Micron selected, the buttons light up green, the colour changing to red when you enter Edit mode. Since the Config button is only used to edit various global settings, it is always Alesis Micron when selected. You push the Control knob to enter Edit mode, initiate actions or to navigate to editable fields.


Turning the knob can, according to mode, Alesis Micron patches, scroll through edit pages or perform Alesis Micron updates. In use — and you're going to use this knob constantly — it has a slight 'give' and its notched operation is ideal for fine value adjustments.

My only misgiving was Alesis Micron in certain edit screens, it took way too long to increment values to their extremes. For example, adjusting a modulation matrix amount from 0 percent right up to percent took more than Alesis Micron full spins, by which time I'd almost forgotten why I Alesis Micron doing it! You'll be glad to hear Alesis have promised to investigate a means of speeding things up for a future OS revision Generally, operation is made bearable thanks to a succession of shortcuts — and in probably the most useful of these, the keyboard itself is drafted in.

Alesis Micron Vintage Synth Explorer

Printed above the white keys are a series of red Alesis Micron labels, 12 of which serve to select program categories with a further 10 designed to drop you neatly into specific edit pages. It works like this: Choose the top 'A' instead to edit the LFOs, and so on. Alesis Micron pressing the same note jumps quickly through the separate envelopes, LFOs, and so on. Program selection using the shortcut technique is equally nifty.

To select a program in Alesis Micron example the brass category, hold the Programs button and the lowest 'B' on the keyboard.

Precise selection of all things brassy is then achieved by turning the Control knob. The keyboard is also employed in a number of other ways, Alesis Micron example when naming patches. With just three assignable knobs on offer, they are going Alesis Micron be used extensively too.


Fortunately, the assignment process is really simple: That's it! You'll notice that not all parameters can be assigned; in particular, effects settings, such as phaser speed or delay Alesis Micron, are excluded.

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Alesis Micron Once assigned, parameter values are transmitted as MIDI NRPNs Non-Registered Parameter Numbers — Alesis Micron the Ion review for a full explanation and when you touch any of the knobs although not the slidersa program edit is recognised and the Store button lights up. Edits remain even after selecting another program, until you begin a new edit.

The user interface is rounded off with seven additional buttons to the left of the display. Designed not only to educate microcosmically but to facilitate the teaching of musical concepts through Alesis Micron technology.

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