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Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol Driver

This guide describes Virtual LANs (VLANs), VLAN features and configuration on configuring protocol basedVLANs and then describes how data counters are .. ports, usually distributed across multiple switches, that somehow interacted as. Allied Telesis and the Allied Telesis logo are trademarks of Allied Telesis, Incorporated. All other product .. Displaying and Configuring Ports Using the Port Configuration Page. .. Chapter Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocols. VLAN spans multiple switches, each part of the VLAN on the different. owners. Allied Telesis, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other . Configuration of IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway Address. .. Assign Ports to a VLAN Mode. .. Chapter 9: Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol.


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Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol Driver

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This prevents illegal intruders from stealing IP addresses from the inside to invade from other access points.

From this partitioning approach itself, we can see that the advantage of this partitioning method is that it is very simple to define a VLAN member, as long as all the ports are defined as the corresponding VLAN group. Suitable for any size network.

Allied Telesis CentreCOM IA810M - switch - 10 ports - managed Specs

The downside is that if a user leaves the original port and has a port on a new switch, it must be redefined. This type allows a network user to automatically retain the membership of the VLAN to which it belongs when it moves Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol one physical location to another. From this partitioning mechanism, it can be seen that the biggest advantage of this VLAN division is that when the user moves physically, that is, from one switch to another, the VLAN does not need to be reconfigured because it is based on the user Not a switch-based port.

The disadvantage of this method is that all users must be configured, if there are hundreds or even thousands of users, the configuration is very tired, so this division method is usually applied to the small local area network.

Switch VLAN configuration basis and examples

And this division of the method also led to the efficiency of the switch to reduce the implementation of each switch port may exist in many VLAN group members, save a lot of users MAC address, the query is not easy. In addition, for the use of laptop users, their network card may often be replaced, so VLAN must always be configured. This is very attractive for network administrators who want to organize users for specific applications and services.

Moreover, the user Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol move freely within the network, but its VLAN membership remains the same.

The advantage Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol this approach is that the physical location of the user has changed, there Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol no need to reconfigure the VLAN to which it belongs, and the VLAN can be divided according to the protocol type, which is important for the network manager, and this method does not require additional Frame tag to identify the VLAN, which can reduce the network traffic.

The disadvantage of this method is inefficient because checking the network layer address of each packet is the need to consume processing time as opposed to the previous two methodsthe general switch chip can automatically check the packet on the network Ethernet Head, but let the chip can check the IP header, need a higher technology, but also more time-consuming. Of course, this is related to the implementation of various vendors.

Allied Telesis AT-GS950-24

This method of partitioning extends the VLAN to the WAN, so this method has more flexibility, and it is easy to expand through the router, which is mainly suitable for LAN users not in the same geographical area to form a VLAN, not suitable for local area network, mainly efficiency is not high. Network management personnel Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol to their own management model and the Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol of the unit to decide which type of VLAN to choose.

The superiority of VLAN Any new technology to be widely supported and applied, there must be some key advantages, VLAN technology is the same, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects: Increased flexibility in network connectivity With VLAN technology, you can combine different locations, different networks, and different users to form a virtual network environment, just as convenient, flexible, and effective as using a local LAN.


VLANs can reduce the overhead of moving or changing the location of workstations, especially if some companies with frequent changes in business situations use VLANs, and this part of the management costs are significantly reduced. Only one spanning tree can be active on the switch at a time.


The default setting is RSTP. From the Switching tab, select Spanning Tree. The Spanning Tree Settings page is displayed. See Figure Figure Spanning Tree Settings Page The following fields are displayed: You cannot change this field. The device that has the lowest priority Allied Telesis Multi-Vlan Support Protocol in the spanning tree domain becomes the root bridge.

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