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Analog Devices Aztech Sound Galaxy NXPRO 16 Driver

Packard Bell included Aztech combo modem+sound cards in some of IMMSN, Sound Galaxy NX Pro 16, AZTSSPTU01, Pro   Missing: Analog. Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy NX 16 PRO manual. Post by vetz» @ My card has the Analog Devices chipset. I see, will try it out:).DSS / Covox Speech Thing exclusive games. If you've tried SoftMPU with a sound card not listed below, please post here and let me Aztech AZTA/R; Aztech Sound Galaxy 16 NX Pro (3); Bochs SB16 Terratec Maestro 32/96; Terratec TT (Analog Devices ADA) (1).


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Analog Devices Aztech Sound Galaxy NXPRO 16 Driver

An ominous chord and an eerie tremolo from your electronic "orchestra" announce danger in an entertainment package. Thunder, crashes, squeaking doors, and a collection of sound effects worthy of a Hollywood studio enliven software of all sorts. All of these musical marvels are possible, thanks to sound cards.

Compatible Sound Cards

The beeps and boops of tinny speakers, too long the repertoire of the PC, have given way to the incredibly rich and diverse sounds of today's sound cards in much the same way the Victrola gave way to sophisticated stereo systems or CGA displays gave way to Super VGA. If you've never heard music and sound effects generated by one of these electronic wonders, you're in for a treat. Once you've tried a sound card, you'll never again be satisfied with just Analog Devices Aztech Sound Galaxy NXPRO 16 PC speaker.

And if the sound card industry maintains its present evolutionary momentum, you'll continue to benefit from more and more features, truer and richer sound, and more value for your money. While the sound card industry has developed a certain degree of standardization, such as Sound Blaster or Ad Lib compatibility, you'll find a surprising amount of variety--in design, capabilities, prices, and software bundles.


This month Test Lab focuses on ten cards that were chosen because they're likely choices for COMPUTE readers, because they were ready for testing, and because they offer a variety of prices and features. An increasing number of productivity applications, such as word processors and presentation packages, take advantage of sound.

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Sound can entertain and educate, certainly, but it can also make you more productive. Take a look at this month's grid of features to see why you'll be spending more for some of these cards than for others.


There, you'll find details about everything from the input and output jacks to the synthesizer chip set, the number of synthesizer voices, and the supplied accessories. Notice in the grid a similarity in terminology to describe slot requirements and sampling rates. Four of the cards require a bit bus slot; the other six can fit into an 8-bit slot.

However, six of the cards offer bit sampling rates in addition to their 8-bit ratesand the other cards offer 8-bit sampling rates. What that means is that cards with bit sampling rates give you access to more sound information than cards with 8-bit sampling rates. Thus, bit sampling rates offer better sound quality than 8-bit rates and also require more hard disk space to store all of that information.

The greater amount of sound information with bit sampling becomes apparent, too, when you notice the frequency ranges listed in kHz that go with these sampling rates. Simply put, bit sampling at 44 kHz gives you CD-quality audio, while 8-bit sampling gives you the kind of audio you might hear with an inexpensive FM radio.

Seven of the sound cards provide a CD-ROM interface, increasingly important if you plan to take advantage of the growing number of CD-ROM titles, including many specifically developed for multimedia. Some of the cards offer FM synthesis, some offer Analog Devices Aztech Sound Galaxy NXPRO 16 synthesis, and some offer both. If these technologies are foreign to you, take a look at the glossary and at the sidebar comparing these two techniques for synthesizing sounds.

The reviews of these cards also offer insights into sound technologies, as well as detailed information about each card. Each review discusses installation, software, options, and distinctive features.

Finally, you'll find test data. We tested the compatibility of each card using six different programs.

More significantly, however, we checked each card for distortion levels and signal-to-noise ratios. The sidebar on methodology details exactly how we tested these cards, and our bar graphs provide the results. Whether you're looking for an entry-level card or a more sophisticated MIDI-capable device, this month's Test Lab has information you can use to make a sound purchase. This full-length board installs in any 8- or bit expansion slot and Analog Devices Aztech Sound Galaxy NXPRO 16 jumpers to Analog Devices Aztech Sound Galaxy NXPRO 16 any of the default settings, although these settings should work for the majority of installations.

The jumper caps on the UltraSound are nifty little items with extended "handles" that make them easier for you to remove and reinsert as required using the fingers alone. Standard jumper caps usually require the assistance of tweezers, needle-nosed pliers, or similar implements to change their position, so this is a nice touch that makes installation a bit easier than usual. The mounting bracket of the board contains a pin D connector in the middle, which you use for attaching joysticks or the optional MIDI breakout box.

Four jacks two on each side of the D connector provide audio input and output; the two uppermost jacks provide amplified output and line level output, while the lower two jacks accommodate microphone input and line level audio input. The UltraSound does not contain an FM synthesizer chip.

Instead, it uses a proprietary audio signal processor and wavetable synthesis to produce sounds. The board is capable of bit, You can add bit recording capability with an optional daughter board. Another daughter board for implementing the CD-ROM interface capabilities is also offered as an optional accessory. The musical and sound capabilities of the UltraSound are impressive.

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Its on-board bit synthesizer can generate 32 independent voices; in other words, you can control the volume, the amplitude, and the timbre of each voice independently. Since wavetable synthesis uses software "patches" of sound that can be loaded as desired, the ability to play 32 of these sound patches gives you the flexibility to create any type of orchestral arrangement you want.

This capability is sure to find favor with serious computer musicians and MIDI Analog Devices Aztech Sound Galaxy NXPRO 16.

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