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Asus U31SD Notebook Scene Switch Driver

With the bundled 3D Vision software suite from NVIDIA, you can turn any of your ASUS notebooks worked with Microsoft to develop time-saving features like . The GPU driver and a Hz 3D panel renders each scene twice, Save on > ASUS U31SD-AH31 Inch Ultra-Portable Laptop (Black). few days back i tried to install Ubuntu on my Notebook computer. . When I try to confirm than I can run Unity 3D on my Asus U31SD with intel's i5 Sandy I resently tried to switch to use the closed source nvidia driver from nouveau. . glxspheres64 Polygons in scene: (61 spheres * polys/spheres) Visual. Two new Sandy Bridge laptops - one with a dedicated GT M, one with the Asus set to introduce thin-and-light U31E, U31SD, and U36SD.


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Asus U31SD Notebook Scene Switch Driver

So let's look at the best in the following test results in detail! This provides a base clock of 2x 1. Alongside this technology missed the Intel CPU and hyperthreading, so the ability to work with a core process two threads simultaneously per clock.

Scene Switch -

That is also the reason why, for example, a dual-core CPU, such as this, 4 Performance charts are shown in Task Manager, not 2, as one would expect. Due to this and several other improvements to the Ivy Bridge processor generation, it this processor even manages to surpass the performance of some old Core i7 ULV processors, should thus so for all scenarios of daily use have enough Asus U31SD Notebook Scene Switch available - sometimes one can even edit videos although this is much more appropriate units.

The screenshot is top right show why this inferior results to. The Lifebook has namely shown in Cinebench R Thus, the frequency of both nuclei was approximately in 2-second intervals shortly decreased from 2.

Driver UPDATE: ASUS XLA Wireless Switch

Battery for Acer Aspire G As you would expect from the current Ultrabooks, it is with the UH mostly subjective rather quickly on your way. Of course you realize when you start some programs that only a conventional hard drive is used in frequently used files and programs, such as booting the operating system, however, you feel much the speed boost, which the small 32 GB SSD, in combination.

When the perceived performance, the competitors do not take much, you feel in everyday usually only happens at or shortly after boot a clear advantage of the Asus U31SD Notebook Scene Switch SSD, which is about the Folio 13 is available, otherwise edit all candidates the requirements comparable to Asus U31SD Notebook Scene Switch level. What we say, however, the results of PCMarks?

Scene Switch

If the luminosity would be a bit better, we could talk of a large outdoor suitability. As expected, the matte screen surface reflects a lot less than a brilliant representative.


As long as the sun is not directly on the Screen bangs, you can also work out properly with the device. For interiors, the luminance is generally sufficient.

Shiny models tend already under normal conditions in reflections. The viewing angles can at least chalk up little horizontal.

ASUS Scene Switch

Even if there are multiple people cavort in front of the screen, everybody gets offered a decent picture. Vertically, the display on the other hand are not inclined to the viewer - the image will change with just the smallest deviations.


The better performance of Ivy Bridge models based primarily on the slightly higher clock speeds. The test unit was powered by the Core iQM, a hugely popular quad.


Like all current Intel CPUs dominates the quad core Hyper Threading, a technology that every real core is a virtual counterpart to the side. In our case were in eight parallel threads possible. The Turbo Boost function is responsible for an automatic overclocking.

Six MB L3 cache move well above the binuclear siblings, the Core i5 series three megabytes. Clevo reaps criticism for the trimmed turbo mode.

If only the Intel GPU potters, the dynamic overclocking is still functioning properly. Although most games are grafiklimitert, we consider this decision suboptimal. In order not to adversely affect the results, we performed all CPU benchmarks with disabled GeForce graphics card. Without "turbo-lock" is the Core iQM swings one on the usual level of performance.

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